Playing With Sis

My stepsister and I were 10 years apart in age, she always played ruff and liked to jump on me, straddling me and then pinching. I told her one of these days I was going to pinch back. Well she had turned 20 when it happened. We were at Mom's house at the same time, no one was home. I was watching tv in the rec room when Hollie came down the steps wearing a blouse and jeans. Hollie was well endowed with 36 ds. I had always wanted to see them, seeing her in a bikini made me run in the house once and jack off. Well she wanted to wrestle and came over jumped on me and pinched my nipples. I told her to stop or I was going to pinch her back. She did it again, she was suprised when I pinched her right in the middle of both ****, I felt one of her nipples when I squeezed. She stopped for a second then said, I dare you to do that again. This time I ran my hands slowly up both **** feeling for her nipples then squeezing them both at the same time, I rolled them between my fingers, then kissed her cleavage. She sat back and looked at me shocked. I told her I wanted to see them. She told me if I wanted to see them I had to unbutton her blouse. I unbuttoned 5 buttons and pulled her blouse back, she was wearing a lace bra and I could see her nipples hard as rocks thru the fabric. I then put my mouth on her nipple and started to suck. She started to moan and then said, we can't do this. I ask her why, we weren't blood related. By now I had one bra strap down, she continued to strattle me, this time I pulled her *** out of her bra and started to suck her bare nipple. She had really thick nipples, as I sucked I ran my hand between her legs. She said a defenite no to her *****. I told her she was chicken to share it. She said just not with me, but she liked me sucking her ****. At that time she took her bra and blouse off, I ask her if I could at least taste her. She said real quick but ******* was out. She unzipped her jeans and pulled down her panties to show me her trimmed bush. I got on my knees and she put her ***** close to my face, I started kissing and licking, by now she was wet. She kicked her jeans off and strattled my face so I could lick up inside her. Her juice was so sweet. She told me to sit back on the couch, I did and she unzipped my jeans and pulled my **** out, without hesitating she started sucking it, I told her I wanted to *** in her mouth. She looked up at me and told me NO. I ask her if she wanted to know when I was going to *** so I could *** on her ****, she said NO again. Then to my suprise she strattled me again, without a rubber she grabbed my **** and guided it into her *****. SHE WAS SO TIGHT!, She said she'd been ******* since she was 15. She kept riding me while I sucked her ****. I told her I was about to ***, she kept ******* me like she didn't hear me. I said it again, when she screamed, she was *******, I felt her rush of fluids envelope my **** just as I shot my load in her, she then kissed me on the lips and just sat there with my **** in her. I said that's just great, I just came you, she said I've wanted you to **** me since your mom and my dad got married. Then she said I'm on the pill. She got off me, *** running down her thigh, she bent over and licked my **** clean, then went to her room to get dressed. That's the only time we ever did it, but it was GREAT!
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4 Responses Nov 14, 2011

Not to kill the vibe here, but you said you were 10 years apart. She turned 20 that means you were 10 at the sex scene. If that is true, nice job dude. If not idrc just to point is out.

Best storie ever

Great story. It sounds like she was out to get you when she started that last wrestling session.

Sweet story man,but you should still be having sex with her. Get back into your bed man