I Had Sex With Her.

I ****** her brains out, after she came home from school. She said that her friends were talking about sex, and how great it was, and she wanted to try it. I felt nervous. My sister is really good looking, but the way she looked at me...

Anyways, a week later we were home alone together, and we watched a movie, her head in my lap. But then...I got and erection.

She smiled at me, and a couple seconds later, she asked if she could see it. She was looking at it, and touching it, and all of a sudden, she put her mouth around it and started sucking it. I was not a virgin, and this was actually the best ******* I've ever had. She asked if I wanted to look at her *****. I didn't respond, and she took it out anyways, and started fingering herself. I leaned over and started to lick. I consider myself fairly good with my tongue, and she came within minutes. But then she took my ****, and guided it to her ***** she slowly lowered herself onto it, moaning.

Now, we have sex often, and it is still our little secret.
SexAddict1974 SexAddict1974
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I woke up one morning to my step sister suckling my **** and now we **** almost every night

Did your parents find out about you and and her or no

I would like to have a step sister with benefits

Do you still have sex with your sexy step sister.