Having Sex With Sis

Our parents met when we were teenagers, and there was just an instant attraction between us. When I was old enough to buy a car she and I would go out on " Dates" to the movies, ect. WE started just making out and it led to us having sex on a regular basis. Our parents figured it out and put an end to it.  Years later after my first divorce we got together again.  She has been unhappily married  to the same man for 15 years now. They have 4 kids. I don't understand why she wont leave him. I know I should feel guilty about this but I just don't . The sex is so GOOD, and we are in love, both as brother and sister and lovers.  She's my step sister so there's no blood between us, if your parents haddn't married we could be together and be happy. It's all one big hairy mess, it's not fair, I love her so much, and she loves me.

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6 Responses Oct 29, 2008

If she and her husband aren't happy, she should leave him for you. It's not like you're biologically related to each other!

Keep having sex with her.Slow weave your way into her life. Maybe her kids would like you as a better father then they have now. If the kids like you better then their dad the you know they would be okay with you. Just take your time and see what happens. Always have your door open for her and a shoulder to cry on.

get over yourself!!!! i mean she has childrens, what r u thinking?!?!?!?

I don't understand why your parents would interfere with your relationship. They are allow to be together, so why should the two of you be separated?<br />
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It isn't like she is is a blood relative.

Your parents were wrong to interfere with your relationship.<br />
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You are not blood relatives. There is absolutely no reason why your parents choice to marry each other should preclude the two of you from being together also.