Sex In Slips And Shiny Pantyhose

I love to have sex with another man while wearing shiny pantyhose or tights and silky slips.  Theres nothing like laying next to another man thats naked  and feeling his **** push into my slip while we're making out. And of course having his hands grab on my shiny pantyhose covered *** and thighs while he grinds into me is also a huge turn on. I like the crotch of my hose to be ripped open all the way to my hole too, while my slip gets pushed up and I get mounted from behind.

silkslipsandhose silkslipsandhose
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6 Responses Apr 5, 2010

There really nis nothing like being bent over, your sexy silk and lace slip pushed up,panties pulled down and getting it put to you hard and fast. I dont know about the pantyhose though thats why I wear the stayup lace top stockings. I love having my legs rubbed and nipples pinched while getting it rammed to me good. Damn I have to change my panties now!!!

Omg yes!!

Rachel,<br />
The way you look baby, you could have suitors all day, everyday!! You are a sissies dream come true. No pun intended. Maybe punters?

the man that I'm seeing loves to "Dry" hump my *** while I have on my hose and a slip. The feeling of his p@#$s on my back is sooooooo hot. There is nothing like the feeling of an ******* en-femme.

I have had sex with a man while wearing a skirt and nylons and it is the greatest feeling ever.<br />
I like to do it face to face so I can see the expersion on the mans face, especially when I reach my hand down and gently fondle his balls.<br />
Then to feel and see his face when he **** in me, the feeling is so great.

If the mood is right the experience is lovely you must try it.I hope to do it with a female or a t.v. directing and playing too i will make it a goal

Being bent over the back of a couch and feeling your slip slowly pulled up and your panties pulled down to your knees then mounted slowly makes me hard and the end both are satisfied.