My husband and I have an open marriage and love it. Sometimes I have sex with other men when he is right there watching me and other times when he isn't there, though I always tell him about it afterward. He loves to hear me tell him what the other guy did to turn me on and what he made me do--it gets him so hot that he usually pounds me pretty good before I even get to finish my story. Sometimes, when the story really gets him horny, he makes me re-enact it with him.

When he's there sometimes he just watches and masturbates, sometimes he tells the other guy what to do to me and sometimes he joins in. I love it all three ways, but my particular favorite is when he is telling the other guy how he should make me do things to please him.

Now that we're on EP, he loves to read the chats I have with others or make me read them to him. It makes me really hot that he enjoys my online conversations with other men which, in turn, makes the online chats soooo much more fun for me so I can really get into them. And if he's not home when I'm chatting, I'm usually waiting (naked and very, very horny) for him by the door when he gets home to share the latest conversation with him...
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I would love to be a third with you two.

I'm glad you guys liked it! Watching someone else get or give pleasure really turns me on.<br />
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We're happy to chat any time Bimate!

Well, right now, you'd have to let Hubby join in. We've spent too long apart over the last few months...

I get to enjoy my attitude about it quite a bit myself, Hoosrander. ;D<br />
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I find it sad when couple has an open marriage but won't have sex with others in the same room. They're missing out on so much! I'm glad you and your wife were finally able to find someone to satisfy both of your needs. It's a shame you didn't get to do it as often as you'd like but sometimes those waiting periods make the encounters even better!

Hi Trosta, We had a great sex life before and after we were married and neither of us considered sex with others until a game of ***** poke and and the start of a good swapping relationship. The only thing I didn't like was that the other couple would not **** in the same room as each other. After the first time, I wanted more than to hear them. I wanted to see my wife taking another man's **** and did a few years late with ur first MFM *********, which was fabulour. I wish she had been more like you in wanting to do iti more frequentlhy. The other man was always her choice and when she was in the mood. It happened ocassionally over a 20 year period I wanted her to do it much more often then she wanted to but every time was great.

Love your attitude about it all

Thank you, HornyOldMan. I've learned that people need to make sure they're compatible in all areas, including sexually, before they get married, if they intend for the relationship to last. Hubby and I both knew before we were married that we wanted an open marriage. We wouldn't have gotten married otherwise.

That's a very perfect statement. Compatibility in all sense is the key, guess there are no compromises there.

Yours is such a wonderful realtionship. It seems that you're together for thelong haul but definitely enjoy the journey. I wish my wife had been more like you.

I know. I'm not sure how I got so lucky as to find him, but I don't ever take him for granted!

No, *I'm* the lucky one.

Chat me up. Maybe we can up with something really good for you to tell your husband about.

As long as you don't mind doing it via PM, just drop me a line...

I'm usually pretty good at keeping good are you? ;)

Don't think it's all one-sided--he has sex with other women, too. And, both of us being bi, we also have sex with our own genders, as well...<br />
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All in all--I'm the lucky one!

It is wonderful that you and your husband have such an understanding .He is very lucky to have a hotwife like you that will share her ***** and not keep it all to herself.

Don't have time tonight--trying to keep up with all the responses to the latest story...<br />
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Have fun, though! We'll have to connect another time.

ok so i am ************ now, sorry but I couldnt wait for you LOL

If you can catch me on line and if you can hold up your end of the conversation, I'm sure we can work something out... ;)

I'll try, but I usually have a backlog of messages to answer. Feel free to send one, though!

So hit me up for a chat sometime! Bill in Va.