My Sex With Maid

It happned many years back when I was 22  years old. I was alone in my house. My house hold maid Shobha came for work. She had key with her. She was cleaning my room when I was taking bath. Not knowing she was there in room, I came of of bath nude. I was shocked to see her there. But she could me see me nude and no time her eyes loked on my genitals. I knew she was widow and 35 years. She lost her husband few years back and she was defitely sex starved lady.
She was excited and felt she was begging for making love to her. She is ordinary lady, thin with long hair. She never wears bra and you can see the shape of her breast easily.
With her chest of 34 probably Bsize and small butt, I felt she is attractive as he does no wear panty as well.She had dark brown areola of 3 cm size, both uneven. She had no hair on legs which I have see earlier so I was guessing she must be having less pubes aswell snd so were they Very thin  ***** hair.
I did not took efforts to hide my nudity. Within no time she came up to me. when she saw my huge penis erection. she was excited.Initially hesitant but lot od percieverence she finally took her clothes off. I was seeing nude woman for the first time in my life.It was my first session and Shobha taught me how please a woman. I could satisfy her aftyer 7 years after death of husband. I lost my virginity to her.
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Damn good maid, wish I had that maid

Redacid, what do you think, desi aurat mein dum nahin hota? Desi aurat, like me, apne joban par ho to ! Khud samaj lo. Rebelgirl

superb desi aurat mein itna dum

I hve put the wrong age group in my profile. I am actutally 38 years. Thsi was changed before you noticed. Sorry abt that.

You're 22 but have a 15 year old daughter according to your other stories?