Sex With My Maid Anu

Hi itzz Jack (named changed) im doin my SY BCA  im 5'5 tall with a strong body...

It happened in This Rainy season wen my maid Anu came for work (she is a SEX bomb with big balls & sexy ***)
i was all alone at home.. It was rainnig too heavily wen she came, she wass totaly weet & i had just came from College
soo i had removed my clothes & waz just in Underware..

When she came i opened the door i saw this godess fully weet her Black bra was visible from her clothes seein tht my Penies got stood shee noticed it she smiled & came in...
She started her work & washin vesels i just stood near the Kitchen & keep watchin her after her work was over she said tht she wanted too change her clothes & keep the weet one for dry " i said her K' thn
she wen too the bathroom & took off her clothes thn she asked me for a towel now i could not control my self wen i saw her
naked it was just like a dream comin true...

Thn some how i controled my feelins & gave her towel she took my hand & took me in the bathroom she said tht " i know what u want..?? im
ready too doo tht" after hearin this from hr i was in heaven..

She said tht ''lets goo too ur Room''  soo i picked her upp on my hands & drooped her on my bed...

thn i started kissin her in passion & lickin her *****
thn she came on me took off my underware & kissed my **** thn took it in her mouth
she started sucking it i was just gonna *** i said her thn she took her balls & rubbed thm too my **** thn i cummed fully on her face
i saw her face she wass too happy.. thn i took a condum from my college bag & she rolled it on my ****...

i spread her legs & inserted my **** in her Pink valley she cried out & a force off blood came out  she was cryin in pain & was tellin me too take my **** out of her ***** but i could not control my self after seein her naked thn slowly i drove her down mee she scrached mee on my back due too pain thn slowly

i increased my speed thn she started mornin " Ahh saab aur joorsee ahhh"
after hearin this i increased my speed the full bed wass shakein... thn i cumed & thn took a rest.. she thn took out my condum & again sucked my **** again thn wee sleept for around 3hours..

thn she was warein sarri & wanted too goo
but i saw her lovely *** i removed her clothes  & inserted my **** in her *** she agian started too scream
but after wordz shee totally gave her *** too mee i keept on ****** her the full night she called her place & said tht due too heavy rain she wass gonna stay wit us 
wee both ****** too hard & tht wass my first pleasure wit my maid & tonight we r still onn due too the rain she loves too drink the water of my rain ..!!

(Based on a Real story 100% true)
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