My Indian Maid

I am a western married male who lives and works in Middle East and we have had numerous maids. One story i would like to tell is about Victoria she was from Goa. She had been working for us for about 7 months and was above average as a maid, as for looks she was plump but with a good rack but sadly very wide hips. She had a pleasant manner and was friendly. Sadly one day for some reason I noticed some items missing mainly food and a small amount of money. My wife was in europe vsiting relatives - when I confronted her she broke down and said that she ahd sent all her money home family issues and begged me not to sack her and inform the police. I was very angry and shouting but she then grabbed my legs and wrapped her arms around me so i couldnt move as she begged for her job, I started to calm down but noticed that her head was in my groin area and I was getting hard. She had her hands around my upper thighs and promised she would never steal again and would be very hard working maid. I told her to get up of her knees but she remained there until I promised she would not lose her job. I was by this stage rock hard and it was pushing against her cheek through my shorts. i told she told stay and she got up and went to the kitchen to calm down. I went to my room and immediately ******** of and emptied myself which took no time at all. The following day she was up early cooking breakfast and appeared to be working hard. I noticed that her top usually only had 2 buttons open had more and I could clearly she her breasts and bra as she served me breakfast. I again quickly became hard luckly I was at the table. She then went about ironing, cleaning etc and I went to work. I returned late afternoon, changed and went down to swim in the pool. After about 30 mins she appeared with some juice and I asked her to bring me some fruit which I would eat afetr I finished my swim. I decided to act and lossened my shorts. She reappeared and as I got out of the pool my shorts as planned slipped down. I stood there in front of her semi hard, I quickly apologised and grabbed for my towel but I notice she never looked away. She then returned upstairs. Unsure of my next move I sat and considered my next move. Was it to early to push to further? Given that she had not complained her looked away I took this as a positive sign. I headed back inside wearing my towel. She was in the kitchen preparing food. I went in and apologised again and toold her that I hope she was not embarrassed. She said no she had seen many before but never white that is why she kept looking. I asked her did she see ok, she giggled but didnt reply. I said to take a better look and dropped my towel. She said "sir please", I said " what you looked long enough downstairs its fine". I was becoming harder as I stood there in front of her. I could contain myself no more, so I started to slwoly play with myself in front of her. She stood there her eyes fixed on me rubbing away, I asked her to give me some cooking oil and I applied it and slowly pulled myself of exploding over the kitchen floor. I stepped back still semi hard. She quickly turned around with some kitchen towel and started to clean up my *** from the marble floor. Afetr she finished she passed me some tissue to clean myself, I said it was fine and I would take a shower. This was our first experience together I will share more if you enjoyed my confession.            
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I had sex with my Philippine maid, wow she was so hot even her vagina felt extra hot when i got my **** inside of her

Send me the full story please

Very nice send me full story please

Very nice ! Would love to hear an update

Go on

Nice yaar
Did u fcuk her

nice on ... I have had a few experiences .. would love to share them

Great Story ,
I live in the Middle East as Well and We have maid .
and similar experiences with her , but it makes me very Guilty .
if you like to discuss further let me know .

Very hot. Yeah, would love to hear more stories. I've thought about what it might be like to have a willing housemaid around quite a bit.