French Maid Shower Sex

My parents had a maid who would come in weekly to clean their house. One time while I was housesitting while they were out of town, she showed up in a French maid's outfit and went down on me, sucking me off until I shot my load all over her face and the front of her dress. Saying she needed to clean up, she lead me upstairs to the bathroom where we went into the shower fully clothed and went to town. After throwing the rest of her "Uniform" in the dryer, she finished cleaning the house in the nude save for her frilly apron and maid's cap which of course lead to more fun. Once her clothes had dried, she dressed and left, promising that the next week we could both continue where we started, but it was not to be; my parents coming home early from their trip. Thankfully, my mother called to rescedule, or there might have been some embarressing questions!

LordSopping LordSopping
1 Response Mar 22, 2010

**** you! You're a liar!