Sex With Truckers

I get a lot of pleasure from meeting truckers and sucking their ****
Mostly I do this by driving slowly past them with my internal light on if dark and flashing a bit of thigh. If they flash me to pull in front I know I have them interested
Then I pull in front and slow down so they pass me and I flash them in front before repeating this again
Then when we *** to a lay by I signal and we park up
When I get out the car I love to see the truckers eyes on my legs as I wiggle up to the passenger door and heave myself up
I do the usual I'm on my period bit would you like a bj line and they either pull a curtain or electric shutters and then down on my knees and sucking for all my life until the *** starts to hit my throatmmmm xx
Karenbabes Karenbabes
41-45, T
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Good girl, it is fun isn't it ? Try strolling the truck stops sometimes. Lots of fun there and people see you getting into the cab and they know what is going to happen.

Like your style Karen,most slick xx

You should try it babes xxxx

You lucky girl