Marlena And Friends

This dream... amazing.
I was coming home from work, stopped off for gas and chips. Right away, I saw this short blonde clerk withthe most amazing rack. After telling a few bad jokes and small talk, I asked her for her number. She gave me her number and asked if I could come pick her up when she gets off work. I said "no problem". So 11:30 PM rolls around... Marlena is waiting for me. Her clerk uniform gone, she is wearing a t-shirt with no bra. The perkiest breasts are bulging out, nipples about to bust through the shirt. My mouth literally dropped open for a second. She gets in, and starts massaging my meat. We stop off for a smoke break... she calls her two friends, Teresa and Kim. They agree to meet us at her place. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, we pull up next to a red Toyota. Kim and Teresa step out. Kim was a tall curvy BBW, while Teresa was the exact opposite- petite, Korean-Filipino and fine. All four of us check each other out. Me... 6' 272 lbs of well-muscled fineness.
We get to Marlena's apartment. We all have a few drinks, and we are relaxed.
The clothes start coming off. Kim and Marlena... huge **** with impressive pink nipples. Teresa, looking like a **** star, just made my member almost explode. Kim was the first to serve me... her fierce blue eyes hypnotized me as she took my member into her hands, smiles as she takes it into her mouth. I lean back, as she sucks it, licks and bites it slow and fast... then massages it. Then she starts sucking my ballsack. At the same time, Teresa sits down and starts jilling. She is going at it at a good clip. Leaning back in her chair, she climaxes in ecstacy, screaming at the top of her lungs. Kim, 15 minutes into this hellacious *******, starts rubbing that fat **** she has. She is moaning with joy. She sucks harder and faster, I scream out "I'm coming!!!" I ******** her face and ****... she start sucking the head of my still hard member. Then Marlena comes over and starts kissing me. She sits on my face as I begin to eat her out. Marlena starts rocking back and forth, grinding that coochie into my face. It felt so good, tasted great and was so warm and juicy. It smelled like peaches. Kim stops sucking me and gets out a *****... she starts playing with that fat coochie. I couldn't take my eyes off this seductive woman... a 5-10, 240 lbs temptress. Curves, curves and huge 46DD breasteses. I came once... twice... three times in 10 minutes. Marlena came also... dripping her warm juices on my face. Her coochie was pulsing so hard... she was wanting it BAD. She gets off my face and climbs down onto my member... she climbs onto my dck and starts riding it.. slow, then fast... 10 minutes pass... 20 minutes pass... doggystyle, reverse wheelbarrow, missionary- you name it. I wore that country girl out. Then Kim and Teresa start getting freaky. Kissing, licking, sucking- pegging with strap-ons, ******, etc... then Teresa wanted me. I took her. For about an hour, I had my way with this Asian girl. When she came, it was like she deflated a bit...
Then back to the big girl. I took her(forcefully) and slammed her against the wall. The way I banged her, I knew she would be back for more. She was my slave in every way. Our bodies became one as I sexed her in every possible way. I looked at the clock. It was 6 AM. Only an hour to get to work across town! I hadta call in sick that day. We rested up, ate breakfast... and spent the rest of the day fcuking the s**t out of each other.
BlackSuperman BlackSuperman
36-40, M
Sep 19, 2012