The Walk-in

I was at the edge of a beach near a hotel looking towards a sunset lining the ocean lost in deep thoughts, I felt someones arms wrap around me ,and as soon as I was about to turn my head I was being kissed & well my genitals were being caressed by her hand,I wondered what this happened and well we stopped kissing & we looked into each others eyes , I didnt ask her name, she asked me to go to her room with her , As shy and in shellshock that I was at the moment . I complied. I felt scared being with a complete stranger, She told me to wait in the kitchen, So I did. I was still feeling nervous and asked myself if I should ask to please leave. I went to find this woman only to find her on a bed laying in nothing but royal blue panties with the sideties & pasties. I felt very flustered at the sight and turned around and asked if I could go. She said to me " You could leave,But I don't want you to," she wrapped her arms around me again."Please stay with me at least for tonight." I felt sadness in her voice. I wanted to leave but something in me told me to stay with her even though she did technically violate me. I said to her , "this feels wrong yet,something is burning in me and telling me I shouldn't leave,Why is fate so twisted like this? We held each other very closely, nuzzling silently with tears. We went to bed laying face to face asking each other deep questions , I also asked why you chose me. the woman replied " I sensed your pain,I wanted to treat your wounds, your bleeding heart & scarred mind" we kissed and made tender yet very wild love, oddly there was loud classic rock playing outside. someone opened the door, ans soon I saw a light brunette haired girl who was smirking at the corner of my eye , "I see you hooked up,Dorine . I had stopped and felt ashamed. The brunette girl said to not stop , I want to watch you two, I was being stared down by two women I felt even more nervous and woke up
XNGespenst XNGespenst
26-30, M
Dec 4, 2012