I Have Sexual Fantasies

My biggest sexual fantasy is watching my ex- g/f be overpowered in the bed by 2 huge black men, i would be just happy to watch, she did agree to this but it never materialised, and we parted company soon after discussing this fantasy, she was up for it big time, i wish i could meet another girl/lady/**** living in the UK who has either done it with black men/prefers black men/and would be my 'pretend wife' so i could just watch her having all the fun......its such a huge turn-on for me, and lots of girls fatasize about Interracial sex and relationships :-)
moonraker50 moonraker50
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 14, 2010

i'm with you all the way . i have talked to my long term g/f about this but ...................................... i may have to set it up ??? good luck