Raped By A Huge Dog

i was watching a friends dog.the dog was a cross between a german shephard and a timber wolf. i tried to pet him, he growled at me.after a couple af days he seemed to have calmed down and was getting used to me. one day i forgot to give him some water when i got home. i went into the bathroom and was taking a shower. i had just rinsed the soap off my body.when i heard him scratching on the door. still wet and naked ;i stepped out of the shower to tell him to go lay down.i only opened the bathroom door a crack when he pushed the door open and came in. i payed no attention to him and turned around to get a towel to dry myself. after i turned around and bent over to pick the towel up he jumped me kncking me to the floor onto my hands and knees.he grabbed me doggie style and entered his big penis into my vagina. he then began pumping his penis faster and going deeper.his penis got hard in me and his *** was now pouring out of me; i was also having an enormous ******.after he pulled his penis out,he then started to lick my *****;tougue ******* my *****. he licked me so much that he was now entering his long togue up in my vagina;licking his *** out of me. when my friends came to pick him up they had trouble getting him to get into their car. ths was the first time that i was ever ****** by a dog. what a wonderful experience. now i watch him every time they go on vacation and he enjoys being with me ;no more growling;just a ******* good time.
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Your awesome!!! Please add me

I have never had sex with a dog before but I would like to try it, as watching it on **** turns me on, does it hurt anymore than a mans ****?

the idea of this makes me very wet, but have no dog to try it with

Love to get plowed by that sexy dog. Anyone in GA? Email bigtiger747 @ gmail

I can't believe that did away with some of the stories here. Anyone happen to have a copy of the story "Male teenager ties with his dog?"

All I want is a dog to do me. If u near thee Seattle area and want to watch ur own dog do me for the first time. Call or text me. 206 two one eight six0 six1. I have wanted to do this for years. A dog in my V and u in my mouth

I have always wanted to be mounted by a dog this is so hot

My all time fantasy is to watch a women get "tied" with a dog. call it penis envy but it would be hot to watch you get filled up with his expanding knot and be dripping with his hot ***. I think this fantasy is why I love to do Doggie style.

If you live in Indiana, and are willing to provide a space and a dog I will let you watch this happen.

Sorry I am in the NE and don't have ether the dog or the space at this time. But I do have a dream.

.i am going to be house sitting next week. i really want to find a dog or 2 and some guys to *** over. I really want to have sex with your dog while you watch me. I would like it if there could be 3 or 5 me watching me....while they jerk off...the thought of being on all 4s while a dog is ******* me, and i can look up and see multiple guys stroking their *****, and being verbally degraded...makes me so wet. I need to be used like the sick nasty, dog **** needing, *** dumpster ***** I am.

Don't know when I'll get a chance...to do this again. Not often I have a place all to me. I would not mind doing a gang bang....I just really want to be pumped full of *** and have lots of men i don't know jerk off all over me while telling how much of a nasty ***** I am.....

....where do you live....cuz if your near Seattle Washington then you can come and use me, bring so friends.

do you have a dog that will **** me? that would be awesome. i will be available friday the 8th of may night, not saterday 9th, maybe sunday 10th night maybe, but forsure monday 11th all day and night, tuesday 12th all dayand night. thren at night wed 13th thrsdayv 14th, fridayt 15th, sat 16th sunday 17th......let me know....

love the story. I have fantasised about my dog lickin my vagina. such a big strong tongue really lapping between my legs. would never do it though. just like the thought

Hi exposedbreasts. What a huge turn-on of a name you have. I love these stories of women ******* with dogs and having deep *******. Can you please help me receive (and give) sexy email with real women?

Loved this story. My fantasy has always been to watch my wife do this. Thanks

ik what ur fealing.... gave a dog a hand job when i was 12..... try it!!

Hmm. I've actually had a fantasy like this before. Very hot.