Virgin Dreams

I want to have sex so bad but I haven't found the right guy yet. It's really hard being a virgin because I fantasize about guys having their way with me. I would love a guy to take control and maybe even spank me. Throw me on to the bed and pin my wrists down and just give it to me. I would rub my naked breasts against his chest and let him grab them and suck on my nipples, I wouldn't be able to stop moaning. I want a guy to do me against a wall and as he thrusts into me I would lightly dig my nails into his back. Gosh, what I would do to feel a man's hands on my body.
roina5 roina5
18-21, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

I really enjoyed your fantasy it so so submissive and erotic. If you do find that man to full fill it be careful you do not get hurt or taken advantage of.

thanks, that's really sweet. :)