While Shopping

Ok lately I have been having mixed feelings about my friends sister seen here in this pic. I have known her for about 6yrs now and I have seen her walk around my house wearing some of the most sexy outfits. I have seen her strutting around in sexy skimpy bikinis, bra & panties, and tight shorts. As you can see in this pic she has sexy bedroom eyes that just begs you to come here. She is 19yrs old about 5" long blonde hair, blue grey eyes. She has a nice ghetto *** if you ever saw one. She has a petite body with sexy smooth legs. She has slept on my couch wearing nothing more than bra & pantiess, she has showered at my house and stood in the same room I was in drying off trusting me to close my eyes while she did this(which I did). She even wanted to watch **** with me once but I couldnt(not that I didnt want to) I just knew that if I did something might happen. When I say something might happen I mean I think I might have tried to rape her! She has let me take pics of her wearing this black lace bra & panties she bought at the store to send to her then boyfriend. She even once tried to shave her ***** while she layed on my couch while under the blankets. I couldnt have her do that either as I dont think I could maintain myself or control myself enough to let her do that without!
This is just a fantasy I had today while shopping

So I have been having thoughts about her very sexual thoughts about her. Today for example I was at my local walmart grocery shopping when I walked passed the women/girls section intimate apparel. I couldnt help but think or wish I could buy her something sexy to wear for me. I thought about or I should say wished I could buy her some cute cotton panties with something like hearts, ponys, strawberry shortcake, flowers, and balloons on them. I would buy a matching bra to go with those panties. I would call her to come over and ask her if she would model some bra & panties for me. I tell her if she would model them for me she can keep them upon saying this she agrees. She goes into my bed room to change into the bra & panties I bought. After she is done she calls me so that I can see what they look like on her. I tell her how great that they look and how sexy she looks wearing them. I ask her if she would put her hair in two pig tails so that she looks like a cute little girl. She gets a couple of rubber bands out her purse and puts her hair in two pig tails. Now she is standing there wearing cute little cotton panties with flower print on them and a cute cotton bra to match with her hair in pig tails. I'm so hard looking at her that It shows through my pants. She asks me if what she is wearing turns me on and I have to admit that it turns me on alot. I tell her thats why I bought it for her. I ask her if she would role play with me? She asks me what kind of role play? I tell her that I want her to be my step daughter! I explain to her that She is my young step daughter and she is starting to become curious about boys & sex. Since her mom is away she asks me if I would help her understand things. She agree and says she likes the idea of playing daddy & daughter with me. I tell her to lay on the bed with her *** close to the edge her legs up bent and spread. I explain to her that I'm going to kiss her someplace that guys dont normaly kiss a girl but it will feel good when I do it. I pull her panties aside exposing her soft smooth *****. When I do this I can smell that she is wett. She says "daddy I feel all tingly down there!" I explain to her that its natural for her to feel this way. I slowly kiss her smooth bald ***** slipping my tongue between her ***** like just enough to taste her juices. As I do this I hear her moan with a slight wimper. She says daddy that felt good please do it again!! I say anything for my little girl and I lightly slide my tongue from the lower part of her ***** up slightly between her ***** lips until I reach the top where her **** is. When I get to her **** that is starting to poke out of her ***** lips I swirl my tongue around it. When I do this she reaches her hands down and holds my head there saying "Dont stop please dont stop!!" I give her **** one more flicker of my tongue making her moan and her body trimbles as well. I take a deep breath smelling her sweet, sweet wett *****! I tell her daddy loves the way her ***** smells when she is wett. I now tell her that I'm going to put a finger inside her to examine how wett she is inside. She says ok daddy anything you want you can do to me. I explain to her that this is just to see how tight she is and that this is something guys will want to do to her when she is with them. I slide my finger inside of her and she is sooooo wett and sooooo tight that it makes me so hard! As I push my finger in and out her tight ***** Chelsea begins to moan more and more I lean in and lide my tongue between her lips using my tongue to feel for her ****. I flicker my tongue over & around her **** while moving my finger in and out of her. Her breathing is become faster her moans more and more. She has her hands gripped into my hair puling my head into her ***** as hard as she can. I'm licking up her juices as I push them out with my finger! She is breathing faster and faster her whole body is shaking & trimbling with each lick and each push of my finger into her *****. All of a sudden her legs stiffen around my headshe pulls at my hair as she moans "I'M ******* DADDY I'M *******!!!" Her ***** flows with he juices as I quickly lap them up like a thirsty dog! After a few minutes her body relaxes releasing my head from her thighs clamps. I ask her how it felt to have daddy kiss her ***** like that? She tells me that was the best feeling in the world she has never had anyone ever kiss her like that. I tell her that I am really, really, really hard and ask her if she would like to see how hard she has made me? She tells me that she would love to see how hard a guys thing gets. I tell her to lay down while I take my pants off and show her how hard daddys **** is! When she sees my **** and how hard it is she asks do all boys ***** get that big? I tell her it all depends on the boys they will be different sizes, thickness, and lengths. I tell her to pull he panties aside and finger herself while I stroke my **** for her. As I watch her finger herself I stroke my **** but I know that I'm not going to be able to hold off long as her sweet bald tight ***** has me on the edge of out of control. I take a step up with my **** in my hand buried my **** deep inside her as fast as I could and as deep as I could! As she felt my **** pushing inside of her the way that I did she orgasmed hard! I use all my will power to not cu but between the muscle spasms of her ***** and the excitment of eating her out I explode like a bomb deep inside her shooting jets after jet of *** inside her tight little womb!

Just thinking about this makes me soo hard and makes me wish I could share this fantasy with her and experience it with her as well.
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It seems to me Marty, that this young lady has the hots for you. No woman would do the things you have described, in front of or in the presence of a guy, unless she was attempting to seduce you. The only other possibility I can see is that she thinks you are either gay or a eunuch and that you would not therefore find her attractive. <br />
<br />
Unless you are married or in a committed relationship, you should let her know that you are very attracted to her and see where, if anywhere, that takes you. At best, she will feel the same. At worst, maybe she will stop torturing you the way she obviously does, and clearly enjoys.

Well I'm neither marred or in a committed relationship lol Right now she is in a committed relationship with someone she is very happy with. Oh she knows I find her attractive as there was an incident I had asked her to pose in nothing more than this sexy black lace bra&amp;panties so I could take pics of her for her. She was sitting next to me and I was hard and she saw. I had to quickly cover myself. She was like "Oh my god are you excited?" I told her "DUH!" what guy wouldnt be excited seeing a gorgeous girl like herself in that outfit. I think she was just getting off teasing me.

I do not like teases. If that is the case, she is a mean woman unworthy of you.

I dont mind a little harmless teasing its fun and exciting. Yea maybe had she not teased me the way she did I wouldnt have mixed feelings for her! At the same time if she didnt tease I wouldnt have got to see her pose for me in her sexy black lace bra&amp;panties or see her perky little breeasts or have her shower at my house all those times.