Stealing Time

I feel you before I see you, your presence turns my head as I watch you enter the room and stride toward me. My heartbeat quickens at the sight of you, and I smile invitingly as you draw near. You stop short and your eyes caress the length of me, savoring me as if it's the first time you're seeing me. I ache for you, for your touch. I've missed you so much. I lick my lips slowly, and watch you swallow. I will you to touch me. I need your touch. I feel lost without it. You’re my anchor in this storm surrounding us, pulling us apart.

You step closer, and I raise my eyes to meet yours. My heart stops as I swim in your deep, ocean blue orbs. Your arm wraps around my waist and you pull me against you. My hands slide up your firm biceps to your shoulders, caressing you, remembering and re-memorizing the feel of you. Your muscles flex beneath my hands. You’re strong and confident, and each time I touch you, I fall a little more under your spell.

I can see a hint of a smile on your sexy lips as you lower your head and kiss me, softly at first, then harder and more urgent as our passion ignites. Your other hand cups the back of my head, your fingers in my hair as you hold me close against you and devour my mouth. I surrender to you, molding my soft body against your hard form, running my hands into your dark hair and tugging. I can feel your erection growing against my leg, and my ***** instantly responds, weeping for you.

You reach up, grab my hands and pull them behind my back, holding them in one hand as the fingers of your other hand trace me from collarbone to navel. You tug my blouse free of my skirt and unbutton one button at a time as you kiss and lick my neck, my jaw, my collarbone and the hollow where my neck meets my chest. Your tongue trails rivers of fire across my sensitized flesh, and I moan as my breath quickens.

You slide my blouse off my shoulders, but with my hands behind my back, it doesn’t fall. You lean over and suck one breast into your mouth over the silk and lace of my bra cup as your hand caresses the other. You flick your tongue across my nipple as you roll and tug the other between your fingers. They tighten, and I arch into you.

Leaving my breasts, you glide your fingers down one leg over my skirt, then dip under the hemline, teasing me by tracing circles over my stockings. You feel where the lace of my stocking gives way to bare flesh, and my breath hitches as you run your finger up my skin along the garter strap. Your finger moves slowly across my mound, not going where I need you most but to my other thigh. I moan again and whisper your name. “Please,” I say. You look at me with a wicked gleam in your eyes, and I know you’re going to draw this out, make me beg. I don’t know how you have so much control since it’s been so long since we’ve been alone together. Your finger moves down the garter strap on my other leg, teasing me at the line where flesh meets silk. I can see your impressive erection straining against your pants’ leg and move my body to rub my aching **** against you, but you swat my *** and shake your head.

You turn me around and bend me over the table as you pull my skirt up. I’m not wearing panties, as I know you like, and you run your finger down the line between my cheeks. I rise up on my toes, my stilettoed heels leaving the floor as I wiggle my *** and raise up, hoping you’ll find my sweet spot that’s so wet for you. Again, you slap my ***, harder this time as you lean over me. I feel the wall of your chest on my back and your breath at my ear as you whisper for me to be a good girl. I lay my forehead on the table, my dark hair fanning out around me as I sigh in surrender. I hear rustling sounds behind me as you take off your suit jacket, tie and unbutton your shirt. I hear your cufflinks clatter on the table beside me and the sound of your shirt sliding off your arms. You toe off your shoes and socks, and I hear you undo your belt and your zipper, then hear your pants as they hit the floor.

You pull the blouse off my arms, unzip my skirt and tug it down. I step out of it, never leaving my position. You caress my *** then run your tongue up my spine, and I shiver. You unhook and remove my bra; I’m left in just my heels and stockings. The table is hard and cold and presses against my full breasts. My nipples are erect against the wood.

Your finger trails down my neck, back, *** and finally, you rub your finger around my **** and I jolt with pleasure. You ease me back down with your other arm. I turn my hot cheek to the cool table, and you wrap one hand in my hair as you rub my **** between the fore and middle fingers of your other hand. I’m dying - I want you so bad I don’t think I can take any more. The anticipation has been building since before I saw you, and I’m restless and needy. “Please,” I say again. “What do you want?” you ask me. “You,” is my breathy reply. You insert one finger, then two into me, feeling my cream on your hand as you thrust in and out. It feels so good, but it’s not enough. “Baby,” I breathe. “I need you inside me.”

You withdraw your fingers and line your rock hard **** up against my ***** lips, rubbing the head against my **** and coating yourself with my juices. You pull my hips back and slam into me in one thrust. I cry out in ecstasy as you fill me, stretch me, complete me. With one hand holding firm in my hair, your forearm on my back and your other hand on my hip, you drive into me over and over, my tight nipples scraping across the wooden table with each thrust of your powerful hips.

This is what I need, what I crave, what I can’t get enough of. “Yes,” I scream as you power into me over and over. I can feel the heat radiating throughout my body, and I know I’m close. You can feel my core tightening around you, and I *** hard, my walls contracting, pulsing and quivering against your steel rod. You thrust in and out a few more times before groaning your release as you shoot copious amounts of ***** into me, filling me and dripping down your ****, out of me and between my legs. You collapse over me, still inside me, your warm, hard chest against my back as you caress and kiss me, loving me. I sigh with contentment, knowing this is just the beginning of our weekend away.

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a great weekend to be sure - once the first of many needs are sated..

I long for a weekend, hell a lifetime, like that.

Many happy ******* to you my lusty lady!

Thank you, my friend! I wish the same to you and them some more! :-*

I will follow you anywhere if you were to give me some more!
*licking lips and holding breath*

Naughty man... ;)

With your kinda body
You would expect me to be naughty
You are an amazing hottie
So don't act so haughty

You make me laugh all the time. I adore you. :) Thank you for the compliments. You know I'm just me. ;)

With such adoration
You stretch my imagination
To inspire your affection
I change the direction
Did I happen to mention
That I have an erection
Now do I have
Your divided legs
At attention!

*giggling* Such a lovely poem. Thank you. :D

You deserve all that I can give you.
Damn it. *insert bowed head*

You are so very kind. *kisses you sweetly*

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Very nicely done. Quite erotic and evocative.

Thank you.

I so much enjoy turning you on with my writing. But you have more than exceeded my humble efforts with this impressive piece. I had a wonderful time reading it and I know I'll enjoy it again and again. Good writing is like that. It brings you back. :)

Thank you, habeant. :) I'm glad you liked it! (Did you notice the blue eyes in this one? ;) )

Smiling ... Yes, I did, sweetie. And the illustration! Ahhh, yes, the illustration ... were but that you and I ... mmmm ;)

*giggling* Well, I did write this before I made your acquaintance, I believe, but I do like blue eyes as well as green and brown and hazel and... ;) Thought you might like the illustration. It fits, although I wish she was a brunette. :)

Don't worry about the hair. I hadn't even noticed it until you had mentioned it. My focus was where it should have been. And my ambition was noticeable.

*laughing* Well, I'm glad then. :)

You would be VERY glad ... again and again. ;)


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A wonderful story, well told, with only a minor oversight regarding the eye color. I'm sure it was attributable to the lighting.

Lol. Yes, the room was a bit dark, low light, candles. Forgot to mention that.

inspiring, the story makes me look forward to going home and re-living , mmmm

Have at it! Enjoy!

i am going to have to, again and again, tx. cheers. C

Holy Hannah woman ... the words they are a failing me. Great job!

Thank you! The fun thing about writing these stories is rereading them when I need some (ahem) inspiration... :)

(ahem) inspiration indeed! It has certainly "inspired" me.

I aim to please. :)

You've succeeded.

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sounds very similar to a few encounters that i had the pleasure to experience. but, i'd think i'd remember the stocking tops!

Being touched at the top of my stockings, especially the light touch of a finger trace, gives me shivers. Congrats on your encounters! :)

Thank you.. I really enjoy everything you write!

Thanks so much! I appreciate your appreciation. :)

Way hot llld3... Ver erotic and well written too!

Thank you.

Very nicely written. I can feel myself there in the room. Its a real pleasure to read something well done and clean of distractions like spelling or grammatical errors. I hope you put your writing skills to work in some way.


Thank you. I am a bit of a stickler for spelling and grammar. I'm not perfect, and I'm forgiving of others in moderation, but I do try to spell correctly and use proper grammar. My mom taught English, lol.

I manage, write and edit professional documents for a living. I find such errors to be a terrible distraction that detract from my enjoyment of an otherwise nicely written story. Again -- Very Nice!

Well, my degree is in public relations which included many journalism courses, and spelling and grammar were musts! Plus, I've been a proofreader, editor and writer over the years, so my training has come in handy.

I believe she already has put those writing skills to work! ;-)

Thanks, ambrose. :)

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Nice picture too... reminds me of someone we know.... ;-)

Couldn't find a brunette, lol, but this works. :)

That's my genie!!!

Yes, it does look a bit like her, but genie's butt is much better!

You finally got that! Let's take her! ;-)

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I will say this... I am not personally into the spanking or any dominant themes of this story, but a long-time fantasy of mine IS doggy style, so the story was an exciting read for me from that standpoint. I've never had the pleasure of having it, so, yeah, it's a fixation of mine.

I really wasn't thinking BDSM when I wrote it, but I was imagining a dominant man, just not a Dom per se. I guess there are some elements of D/s, but I didn't start out writing it with that in mind - the story just sort of developed down that road. I like being bent over and taken from behind, so I was trying to think of a way to incorporate that. Guess I got a little more D/s than I'd planned, lol.

And that's fine! Some people really like that stuff, including women. I just always felt any rough spanking tended to be a bit demeaning to women - not to say I've never spanked my wife! I've tried it a few times just to see if it did anything for her (nothing too rough), but we really just busted up laughing every time! :-)

The spanking in this story was really more playful than disciplinary. It was more swats than actual spanking. Spanking can be fun in the right setting with the right partners. But if it's not your thing, it could seem silly, I suppose. :)

Oh don't get me wrong... there can be a real turn-on to that whole "you've been a naughty, naughty girl" scenario. ***SPANK*** ***SPANK***

I am mystically sexual. Stuff like BDSM just gives off a violent vibe to me. Spanking is something I got from my parents for being naughty and again this is violent to me. Call me uber-sensitive, emotionally, and call me a mystical weirdo, but I'm much more likely to be turned on if my heart is just as much on fire as down below. And I'm waiting for a guy who feels the same.

Lol. Naughty genies? ;)

I get that druidkat. It's not for everyone. The BDSM lifestyle isn't for me, but I do like some elements of it, not all the time, but I like variety in many aspects of my life, including sexual. Having said that, I believe sex is even better when there's true intimacy and love between partners who are also sexually compatible.

LOL yes, naughty genies too LLLD3! As for druid, you know you can say anything here and never be judged as a weirdo by me! I don't think you're a weirdo at all...


Well, now that you mention it, one of my super-fave romance books was based on what most people call "genies", but actually, they are technically called "djinn." And the story involved an aromatherapist who walks into this weird shop down around the French Quarter in New Orleans. I can't remember what she finds that summons a djinn, but summon one she does. And by the description the author gives, this guy is smokin' hot. And over the course of the story, there is some really sensual stuff this guy does--like bringing the main character (I forget her name) breakfast. He says, "I saw that all you ate was a small piece of burnt bread." And with his magic(he called it "Ma'at"), he produces this sumptuous tray of fruit and other yummy stuff from his otherworldly home. Yeah...I wish I could remember the name of the author and the book so I can get another copy. Hottest, most exotically sensual read next to the Kama Sutra. Yes, it is that good, IMO. ;-)

Hmmm... I think this must be required reading for my genies that I mastered lastnight. ;-)

LOL! If only I could remember the name of the book or the author...and thanks for.not judging me, really means a lot. <3

No judgement from me, either druidkat. And I wish you could remember the name or author of that book. I would love to have a hot genie of my own, lol. Yes, ambrose, your dutiful genies would read it, I'm sure. ;)

Lol. My genies better stay mine for a little while!

Depends on how long you keep us cooped up in our bottle... ;)

Hehehe... I better get a book out on genie management

LOL! Read up on that...

I will! I have my copy of 'Genies for Dummies right here!


LLLD3 and Ambrose: It's called "More Than Magic," and it is book 2 of a series called "Spellbound," by Kathleen Nance.

Nice! Thanks, druidkat!

I thank the powers of Google, actually. ;-)

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Nice. Not personally into spanking or doggy style, but the other parts were hot. :-)

Lol. Thanks. It's a fantasy. :) I didn't start out thinking it would go down that path, but the story found its way there. I just listened and wrote a fantasy.

I just love how women in their late 30's to late 40's write, what a great, wetting story thanks.

Thank you. :)

I'm just going to sit at your feet in adoration and worship you.

Wow. I think I'd like that. :) One of my EP besties called me Queen Cyber Harlot tonight. I laughed and said I'd wear the title with pride if I could have lusty male minions worshipping at my feet, lol. I have a few EP men in mind for that job. ;)

Consider it done *officially sits at your feet and worships you*. I'll be the one female minion amongst the throngs of lusty men clamouring for your attention. I can certainly think of at least one that would happily do so ;-)

Lol, ok, I am a bit bi-curious, so you've been granted an audience. :) I wonder which man you mean...

Haha ... I'm pretty sure you can figure it out quite easily ...

Don't know that he's seen this story, but I would gladly have him in my harem (or is it stable? not clear on that), lol.

Must be a stable if we're talking men, but as it's going to include me I'm not sure ... starem? lol. I'm sure once he has seen this story he'd happily join. Plus then I could flirt with him while I gaze upon you in adoration.

Hahahahaha! I like starem, let's go with that, but I think you should write the 10-word story on that one. ;) Feel free to flirt away with him if I'm not enjoying his company at the time. A girl's got to find her fun somewhere, and I'm a magnanimous queen. :D

haha ... I'll try to come up with something about the starem in a little bit, though I'm not nearly the accomplished writer you are. Thank you my queen, I knew there was a reason I admired and adored you. (Though I'm not sure I could stop flirting with him if you didn't approve .... it's kind of addicting).

I agree. He has a definite way with words! We can just mutually crush on him, but as queen, I'd get to summon him. Hmmm...may have another story brewing... ;)

Yeah ... I will admit to being captivated by his words and he more than knows it, damn it! Oooh ... this story is gonna be good, lol.

I've never written anything in the fantasy genre - it's not a genre I read, but this could have merit. We'll see. As for now, I'm pretty tired and am heading to my chambers. :) Have a good night, read some of his stories and sigh like I do every time. :)

Good night my queen ;-)

Good night, sweet subject. :)

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