If You Go Into The Woods At Night

I have always loved outdoor nudity and have come very close to my fantasy.
I have always wnted to be naked in the woods while being sexually stalked by 3 men.

One night, I go to my regular outdoor ***** site which is a piece of forrest area totally secluded. I ***** down just keeping my shoes on and start wondering around to find a place to smoke a joint and get intimate with myself. I settle on a spot where it is slightly open and shelterd by trees and bush. I light up and start to relax. I get horny as the effects kick in and start playing with myself, moving around feeling myself all over.

3 guys appear from out the bushes and tell me to stay naked. They start commenting on what they want to do to me.

The one grabs me and tells me that I will be their *****. They then tie my hands behind my back and walk me deeper into the woods. They start slapping my **** and *** and fodeling me all over. "You like that *****?" the one says. They continue to sexualy abuse me and eventualy bend me over and each have a turn on me.

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31-35, M
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Fabulous sweetie