She's in bed at night, wearing panties, bra and long tee shirt. Her boyfriend and his burly friend are in the living room, where the friend is to sleep.

She lies facing away from the door as she hears someone enter. She looks to see the friend sleepily stripping down to his trunks, as he says the boyfriend passed out on the couch. He climbs in and seems to fall asleep. She looks at him a moment, and then turns away again and closes her eyes.

A moment later she gets up and walks to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror, and then removes her bra from beneath the tee shirt. She throws it in the hamper, and then picks up thong panties from a stack of laundry and swaps out her panties. She walks back to bed in her tee shirt and thong and climbs in. She faces away from him, with her legs curled in.

During the night she feels him move in and spoon her. She looks over her shoulder to see his eyes are closed, as if asleep. She turns back and doesn't move away. She feels his body against hers with his lower arm around her waist, pulling her close, and his upper arm draped higher. With his legs curled in behind hers, his crotch is against her half-exposed *** cheeks.

Twice he moves, each time pulling her in closer and pressing his crotch against her. His loose arm has casually pulled her tee shirt up, exposing her from the navel down. His hand has roamed up under the shirt and rests on her lower breast, cupping it. She looks again, and he still gives the appearance of sleeping. She lies there in his close spoon, feeling him wrapped around her. She feels his fingers on her nipples and his crotch pressed against hers from behind. Her bare *** cheeks are pressed against him.

As they lie there he presses his crotch against hers slowly, then lets go. He does it again a few times, as she notices him growing each time. Soon he's clearly hard and she feels his head against her lips through the fabric as he slowly strokes, seemingly in his sleep. He holds her tight with each stroke, now firmly cupping her. His grip on her breast tightens and loosens with his strokes. She curls her legs up slightly, exposing her lips more through the thin panties. She pants as quietly as she can manage as she feels her panties moisten.

His pace is a little faster now, and regular. Her panties are pressed between her lips by him, and then slip to one side. Now his strokes are pressing him into her *****, little by little, as if his trunks were a condom. She feels him move in a little more with each stroke. She looks again, and his eyes are still closed. He's now slowly ******* her through the fabric of his trunks, with her boyfriend asleep in the next room. She's muffling moans as he goes.

Then she feels him slip through the opening in his trunks and slide into her uncovered. It slides all the way in, and she lets out a louder moan, surprised by the sudden, deeper stab. Now she puts her hand on him and says quietly, "wake up". He keeps his eyes closed as he strokes again. She moans again, and speaks a little louder. He strokes again, and now all of his strokes move fully in and out of her. She moves and moans as he thrusts, and then tries to move him as she speaks louder, telling him to wake up.

Finally he opens his eyes and looks at her. She's looking over her shoulder at him as he's fully inserted. "Your **** is in my *****", she pants. He looks at her for a moment, and then makes another thrust. She closes her eyes and moans, and then looks back and tells him hoarsely, "you have to take it out!" He pulls part of the way out, and pauses, with his head still inside her. She reaches back and pulls it out, leaving her fingers on his shaft as it hovers just outside her *****. She asks, "You didn't ***, did you?" "I'm still hard." She wraps her fingers around him, as if to confirm this, but then leaves them there.

He asks what happened. She tells him she woke to find him pressing against her. He asks how it got as far as it did, if she woke so soon. She pauses, then tells him it happened quickly. All the while she keeps her hold on him, and he remains hard. with his head pressed against her *** cheek. He presses a stroke, as if ******* her hand, and she feels his pre-*** smear across her cheek.

Then she tells him he should probably switch places with her boyfriend. They pause for a moment as she slowly lets go and looks at his hard **** protruding from his trunks, and he runs his hand across her ***. He gets up and leaves the room, still hard and still protruding, carrying his clothes. She quickly steps into the bathroom and puts her bra and panties back on, climbing back into bed just before the boyfriend returns.
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So naughty.....but soooo nice ;)