If Only!

OK this is the first time I have tried this and please be aware I am totally innocent in this sort of thing.

It would start with me standing on the beach looking out to sea on a warm summer evening. He would walk up behind me and snake his arms round my waist. I would smell the hint of oil, grease and grime from him working in the garage.  He would kiss my neck gently and that would send a tingling shiver all over me and he would stand for a moment watching the sea with me. Then I would turn round and our eyes would meet he has brown eyes but at times they turn green. I would snake my arms round his neck as we hugged. Then our lips would gently touch in a kiss that would start gently and get more needy. He is really good at needy. When we finally stopped kissing he would take my hand and lead me into the sand dunes. By this time it would be near enough dark. He would lie me down and remove my top and bra. He would start by kissing each nipple and then licking them. He would keep looking into my eyes while playing with my nipples sending tingles in all the right places. He would kiss me again and whisper in my ear guess what its worked your kisses have made me need you more and more. He would slide out of he trousers and pants and place my right hand on himself and leave my hand to do what it does best for a while he would go back to fiddling with my nipples and sucking them then I would lift up my bottom and he would remove my under wear. Well I am wearing a skirt for ease. His hand would immediately start gently rubbing me below and the tingles would get very much more powerful. Once we were both ready and desperate for each other gently he would enter me and he would start to move in and out the feeling would build and while that was happening he would be kissing all the bits he could get at easily. Then one would fall over the edge into oblivion first followed seconds later by the other one. He would withdraw look at me smile and we would kiss before getting dressed and heading for our cars to rest for a moment compose ourselves before driving home him to his wife so he would have to have his car windows open to cool himself down and me home to my parents house trying not to look flustered. Knowing I had had the most glorious moment of my life ever.

I know not very good but it was my first attempt and its true I never have had sex so what do I know.
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Sex on the beach is cool. Your fantasy could easily be real. Nice

I have had sex on the beach and have a story to share if you would like to read but are you saying you have never had sex ever?

Yes I am never ever

Oh you have decided to never have sex ever?

No it just is when everyone else was doing it for the first time I was not ready so didn't now I am I have not had the opportunity

Oh ok well that time will come or you.

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One question. If it is totally fantasy why did you make him married instead of single so that eventually, without divorce, he could be "your man". But it is a good story. Thank you.

Well I was thinking about him as we do have a sort of relationship going even though he is married. It does not go that far but if I said yes to him which he would like me to then this would be a fantasy I would like. However to be honest it won't ever happen sadly.

Then I am very sorry about the sadly, not happening.

Sounded good to me, very good.