Okay, I Have Posted This In A Different Group But May Be Here Is Best

Okay well I have a fantasy that I would do anything to make reality. I am actually a very dominant man that has no sub tendencies other than this so whats the fantasy...well here we go, I have never told anyone but hay you never know.

I want to be tied to a bed on my back completely naked, and have a woman take control and tease my **** and body with her mouth and hands. I want her to play with my balls and pull them and rub my *** with her finger. I have no limits in this fantasy, I want her to suck me and not let me *** till I beg, and when I do finally *** she then promptly comes up and gives me a big sloppy kiss sharing my *** with her.  I want her to call me her *** ****, and continue to play and once I am hard again I want her to ride my ****, and again not let me *** till she says.  AS she rides me she brings herself to ****** after ******, and then finally she say she wants to feel me explode inside her *****, and I ***. She then says that its time to pay her for my pleasure, and she gets off my ****, and straddles my face her ***** lips dripping with mt ***, and she says time to clean up your mess, and grabs my head pulling into her *****,.  I enjoy every moment and lick her clean. 
scillianlover scillianlover
36-40, M
Dec 8, 2012