The Report Of Rifles; The Smell Of Carbon

I am an Army Sergeant, and as such, I work with a wide variety of people in all different sorts of positions and ranks. Because of military standards, many relationships are strictly forbidden. That just adds to the appeal.

Now, there is this female Sergeant First Class (SFC) who is the prettiest person in her rank I have ever seen. When I first saw her, she was wearing the Physical Training (PT) uniform so I couldn't tell her rank. I assumed she was subordinate to me because she appeared so young. But when I saw her with the SFC rank insignia, I had to stop my jaw from dropping. I couldn't believe it. When I checked her out again later, when she was back in the PT uniform, I couldn't believe my eyes. The smoothness of her legs, the firm and ample appearance of her breasts, the youthfully smooth face....she exuded sexuality to me.

Recently, I was at a firing range where we zero our weapons and then qualify on them. As a Sergeant, I act as a safety and a coach for firing techniques while the Soldiers zero. This SFC was in charge of the range at the time I was acting as a safety. I was under her authority and the way she wore her authority was just sensual, even though she was covered from head to toe in combat gear. Then, something changed. It was her turn to fire.

I was her safety/coach.

That meant standing behind her as she got down and fired, watching her movements as she got into the prone position, and watching the placement of her face to ensure proper position. And when she fired, she turned to me with a completely different demeanor. She was acting subordinate, as I was the coach, asking what adjustments I thought she should make.

I don't know what it was but the mixture of her authority yet her deference to my experience was magnetizing. When she got off and we moved to the qualification, she was once again miss authority and instruction, which just drove me up the wall. I was so hot for her. I went home that night so sexually frustrated, yet horny.

You see, I wanted to push her against the ammunition table, knocking the table over and pushing on top her as the clink and rattle of 5.56mm rounds sound as they scatter across the cement. I wanted to drill her to the sound of rifle reports, while the smoky and smelly carbon residue evaporated in the air. I wanted to **** that SFC while she was in her submissive attitude, asking me what to do. I shake with the thought.
NefariousDrake NefariousDrake
22-25, M
Dec 11, 2012