Who Was She?

I won. Don't ask me how but I won. Could have been luck with a bit of local knowledge, I followed the clues and now here I am, outside her door. Heart beating fast and palms sweating.
Steeling myself I open the door and shut it quickly behind me...**** me! was this what I was hunting.
On the rug before me is a slender woman.Naked apart from a loose hood. Her head on a cushion, on her knees arse raised in the air. Resting atop her firm round cheeks is a card. She has said nothing, I move forward , pick up the card and read. "You are the winner. I don't know you nor you me. That is the way it will stay. I will not speak or remove the hood. You have one hour to use my body in any way you wish. After the hour you will leave. Congratulations. You may now begin" ..............

work in progress ttfn
beachwalker2 beachwalker2
41-45, M
Jan 8, 2013