Meeting You Part 3

As her back arches I drag my tongue up her belly slipping my tongue in her belly button I press my lips against her skin savouring the taste of the body I've waited all this time for, the sweetness of comfort with the knowledge of both knowing what the other wants after all these years, kissing Long her rib cage I let me teeth press firmly down feeling the homes below her skin moving upwards I stop at those luscious still firm breasts, so many nights I'd imagined kissing them and they were still as youthful as the first picture I'd ever seen of them only so much better in real life, so much more taking the right one I envelope my mouth around it as her nipple grows erect I flicker it with my tongue, she grabs the back of my head forcing me to gobble it even more. Letting my hands explore the side of her ribs my fingertips dancing along her skin. Hearing her moan I've waited for this moment for what seems like forever, yet it's only been what seems like moments since we met, I cannot resist the taste of her lips as I kiss up her neck tickling her throat with my tongue I kiss first to the left and as she turns her head back to the right gently gripping the skin between lips pulling it away from her spine firmly I can't believe I've waited all these years.

Pressing my lips against hers I see the sparkle in her eyes. Stepping away I take her hand, "much more we must do first" I say with a smile
Walking away they make love on the edge of the Grand Canyon before spending the rest of their lives together, both knowing that at many times in the past the other would of been there in a heartbeat but never dwelling on the fact. Both always wishing they'd taken the chance sooner.
;) the rest...well that may be told privately someday.
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Jan 8, 2013