The Hottest Of Mine Came True.

It was about 15 years ago now. I met these two Asian women at a club looking for a *********. So, we went to their place (their choice) then they told me. Both were pre-op transexuals. They already had the boob jobs and were on hormones. Looked female to everyone. I was like, "Kewl!" They were soon gonna go under the knife and wanted one last fling with a guy. I'm transexual myself but didn't get to transition young like them (too old now). They were 20. I was 28. Lee and Jill were their names. Both had near perfect c-cup breasts. 34c I think.

They explained their penises barely worked yet they still loved sex. We climbed into their king bed nude and kissed and fondle each other for like an hour so. Jill got under the covers and went down on me while me and Lee kissed passionately. It didn't take long before I came in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it and came back up from under the covers and kissed each of us sharing my ***.

Lee and Jill laid facing kissing each other and I was down between both their legs. Their ***** were small, like 5 inches and only semi-hard due to the mones. I'm 7 inches. I'd suck one for a minute or so, stroking the other with my hand, then switch. They both laid back and moaned as I worked on them.

Jill thought she could *** so I focused on blowing her while Lee came down and started blowing me. I sucked on her for a good 30 mins and she writhed and moaned and pulled my hair. Finally, she came in my mouth and she told me to hold it and share it with her and lee. I did. We kissed and swapped her *** then Lee swallowed it. I had *** early and Lee gave it to Jill to swallow while I sucked her.

Then, I focused on Lee. Jill came down and we sucked Lee together. I fondled and kissed her breasts while she sucked. She'd blow me while I sucked. Lee came about 40 minutes later and me and Jill swapped her *** and I swallowed.

I was pretty hard and Jill wanted it in her ***. I ****** her doggie style while Lee laid under her. I used a condom, but when I came, Lee pulled it off and swallowed my load. Jill did *** because Lee was sucking her and I kept hitting her prostate.

I rested and watched them sixty-nine. I got hard again and mounted Lee doggie style. I found the sweet spot, her prostate, and grinded into it as Jill sucked her **** and my balls from below. Lee came about 10 minutes later. About 30 minutes later, I came in her *** then we laid together smoking and exhausted and all sweaty.

About a 10 months after their final surgeries, we met for an all night sex fest. Lee and Jill were very sweet to let me be the only **** they'd ever have. They were lovers. It was so hot I came in them 4 times each and got to eat creampies with one of them.

Not sure if they best sex I ever had, but definitely the best fantasy come true.
lalliek lalliek
36-40, M
Jan 10, 2013