Dreaming Naughty

For a girl, I have a pretty strong sex drive... I can't fall asleep at night without a little fantasizing :)

I start off protesting, but he brushes his finger over my shirt covered nipples, making me jump with the pulse of feeling it sends to my *****. He holds me from behind with one arm and plays with my breasts with his other hand.  I protest again, and he pinches a nipple hard enough to stop me mid sentence, I lean back against him, a bit weak in the knees from the mix of pain and pleasure.  He goes under the shirt and pulls my **** out from the thin fabric bra, cupping them gently as he nuzzles my neck, bouncing one at a time in his hand.  At this point, the pleasure has won me over and I'm just leaning against him, submitting to his touch. 

Squeezing and pinching, tugging and jiggling, my brain is drowning in hornyness from his hands on my breasts.  My ***** is already swollen hot and wet with wanting his **** to penetrate me.  I reach behind me to feel the hard bulge in his pants.  I want it in me so bad...  But first, I really want to taste it... I turn around in his arms, biting my lip in anticipation.  I rub his bulge some more, and watch with hungry pleasure as he shuts his eyes and moans a bit from my touch. 

I sink to my knees and smile up at him as I pull his zipper down.  Reaching into his pants, into his underwear, I touch his **** before pulling it out, running my finger tips across it, enjoying the silky hard smoothness of it.  Just that small touch sends shocks of anticipation down to my *****... touching his **** reminds me again that eventually this male sex organ will eventually be inside me, pushing in and out of me, claiming me as his with every thrust.  I shiver thinking about it, as I still only touch him with my fingertips.  With reverence, I pull the hard **** from his pants, shivering with the pulsating sensation radiating out from my *****. 

I hold his hard hot **** in my hand, feeling the stiff weight of it.  Parting my lips, I slide it into my mouth, still thinking about when this **** will eventually be pushing into the hole between my ***** lips.  It's a worshipful act as I feel it's length against my tongue, pushing it into the back of my throat.  His pleasure fills me with pleasure and the anticipation of when he'd finally take me with this **** of his...

I'm slow, enjoying every bit of him with my mouth and tongue, occasionally throwing in a couple fast plunges, just to tease him before selfishly going back to slowly enjoying him.  I nibble and taste and lick.  My hands feel the weight of his balls, and I shift my mouth down to them, sucking them in one at a time. 

At first, he holds back my hair for me, gently stroking my head and cheek, letting me have my fun.  At some point, a line is crossed and he grabs my head and thrusts down my throat hard for several strokes before pulling out of me. 

"Take them off." 

His voice sends chills down my back and *****, his tone is so firm and commanding.  I like when he takes my clothes off for me while distracting me with fondling and kisses, but there's something about undressing at a command with just his gaze on me and no hands to distract me that I'm exposing all of my body to him. 

Standing up, I realize that my boobs, though still covered with a  shirt, are lewdly sticking out of the top of my bra, the nipples hard and obvious.  Hesitant, I cover myself with my arms, embarrassed without his touch reassuring me. 


I flinch, knowing from the tone of his voice that he isn't amused by my hesitation.  Standing in front of him, I *****, pulling my t-shirt off, then undoing my bra, feeling a little better once my chest is in a more natural position.  I glance at him with my hand on the button of my jeans, and he raises an eyebrow at me, frowning.  Even though I know he's not in the mood for teasing anymore, I can't help grinning at him a little, as I slowly unzip my pants. 

He makes a growling noise as he tears off the last of my clothes himself and I end up over his lap for a quick spanking for taking too long.  I squeal and struggle a bit with the sharp sting of his hand on my bare backside.  The spanking sent more tingling sensations to my *****, driving me crazy with thrill of the pain mixed in. 

He eventually decided that I had had enough and I felt his fingers exploring my exposed ***** lips from the triangle window below my butt.  I was dripping wet at this point and he made sure to point that out to me as started to finger me while I was still precariously perched over his lap.  It was frustrating, getting the delicious pleasure of his fingers sliding in and out of me, rubbing the outside circumference of my ****, kneading and pulling on my ***** lips, while not being able to fully focus on it while being held in such an uncomfortable position.  Then I started to want to taste him again, but when I tried to slide of his lap to go for his **** again, he smacked my butt, keeping me in place, giving me another short session of spanking again. 

Then I was carried to the bed room, where he set me on the bed.  I was instructed to hold my legs out and open for him, giving him complete access.  Opening up like that infront of him was both embarassing and exciting... I obeyed and opened for him.  He was the one teasing now, not doing anything at first, just looking at my wet *****.  Then his hands were on my inner thighs, opening me wider.  He then inspected me, pulling my folds open, pulling my hood back, exposing my clitt, pulling my lips apart to gaze into me, he even stuck a pillow under my hips to make his view better.  My butt cheeks were pulled apart and the outside of my anus gently stroked and poked at.  He asked if I wanted it there today and I begged him to use my front.  He laughed and his fingers went back to touching my *****, now gently rubbing my favorite parts. 

I can feel the tickling sensation of wetness dripping out of me and I'm arching my body to try and meet his lightly touching fingers harder, trying to relieve some of my frustration, but he's relentless, pulling his hands completely away when I try this.  I groan in frustration and he laughs.  I glare at him, annoyed.  He laughs again and finally relents. 

Pulling the hood of my **** back, his tongue goes right to my sweet spot, the point where my hood attaches to my ****. Fast little circles of the tip of his tongue finally brings me to ******.  As I ******, he continues with his tongue, but his finger is shoved into to me.  He likes to make sure that I'm not faking and checks to make sure that my ***** is really spasming and twitching in ******. 

After I've done, he gives me a little break as I calm down, his finger still inside me as he waits for the twitching to stop.  His finger still inside me, he comes up for a deep kiss.  While we're kissing, he curls his finger inside of me, hitting my g-spot, sending new thrills deep at my clitt's base.  His other hand goes for my chest again, brushing my hard nipples, sending more sensations through me. 

My legs are put over his shoulders and he pushes deep into me, making me gasp. 

There's nothing in this world like feeling of a ****'s first push into your wet *****. 

He got down to business, going in and out, driving me crazy with every thrust.  I try to reach down and touch myself a little, but he doesn't like this and my hands are pinned above my head.  I can see him watching my **** jiggle and bounce in tune with his thrusts which embarrasses me, but I can do nothing with his hands clamping my hands above  my head.  Forcibly held as he plunges into me, unable to touch myself,  excites me more, and I feel a swelling of love for him. 

After a bit of this, he decides to switch positions and I find myself on all fours, head and chest pushed into the mattress, back arched, and spread ***** presented for entry.  My hair is pulled and my butt is slapped.

I'm flipped back over into classic missionary style where he finishes hard into me.  The explosion inside of me is exquisite, the best part of sex... I feel so close to him as he sends his seed into me, marking me as his.  Hugging him tight as he finishes, I try to hold in me as long as possible before he pulls out. 

Cuddling with warm and fuzzy feelings of happiness are the perfect finish :)
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Good story, great ending .. How often did you say you and he get to have these make out ****** sessions ....?

Very well written story.

I love to do that to you

Beautiful writing. I hope to make a girl experience something like this very soon

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