Group Sex

One of my fantasies is gay group sex. I've had a 3 some but have always wanted more action.  You know.  A suck and **** fest.  So my buddy emailed me as he wanted to get together and just mentioned it would be cool to have a group thing.

Being the smartass that I can be I placed a craigslist ad.  I advertised for bi/gay men only for group sex.  I got the first reply in 10 minutes.  In one hour I have seven ready to play.

All the men that replied legitimately are 45-65 years old and all but one is married.  I'm convinced that there are very few Str8 men out there. I'm talking totally Str8 and get grossed out at the thought of sex with another man.

Anyway the seven of us are trying to hook up for a Saturday afternoon suck and **** fest.  OMG I'm hard and horny.

I will post a follow up after the deed. :)
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

There is a group of men that get together quite frequently actually in the Boston area. Its invite only. I have been twice and each time was awesome just **** and *** everywhere...

There is actually one happening today around noon. Unfortunately I can't make it but long to go again very soon!!

Have fun!!

My friend, all your friends out here in EP land are anxiously waiting to hear about this suck and **** fest, wow, that does sound like so much fun!!! I wish that I didn't live so far away, I would love to join you!!!! :)

Here's to all of you having a great time!