Drives My Mind...

Ever since I had sex for first time and I stopped, its been soo hard. Im still tight and I keep thinking about the next time I have sex. Makes me wet all day everday. Idk what it is. Just fantasies make me want to **** something lol Im holding out. Trying.
Melly216 Melly216
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I understand your urges. As humans we are sexual beings and because of social conditioning sometimes we are scared of our sexual desires and for women especially sometimes its frowned upon if your "horny" unlike guys. Its all bullshit Your a woman who has sexual urges and the feelings of euphoria that follow after the climax and also satisfying feelings and giving into them is ******* awesome. But no worries im sure the right guy will come along that will be able to satisfy those feelings with.