Wishing I Would Have Done More...

The hubby and I went out for a much-needed “date nite.” We went to an early dinner and then went to go see Skyfall… I don’t get it… probably needed to see the other ones, but now he has to go see Les Miserables. We planned on going back to my parents to pick up the toddler, but I got a text saying he was asleep and that we didn’t need to rush back. Hubby suggested we get a drink.
We go to a nearby restaurant with a bar that was very busy and were lucky to find a booth to sit in. It was nice just the two of us since we don’t always get that kind of time. With our second order of drinks, we start talking about some of the people in the bar. Hubby pointed out an attractive woman sitting at a table… probably in her mid 40s wearing a very sexy top and a tight skirt. She was trying to fend off two younger men who were hitting on her. We were amused because she was sooo not into what they wanted. I joked that maybe we should save her and he suggested that we buy her a drink and have the waitress ask her if she wanted to join us.

We watched as the waitress brought over a drink and pointed in our direction. She smiled at us, said something to the two guys, and then made her way in our direction. She thanked us for “saving” her as she sat down and we started to chat. We shared details about ourselves and she did the same. I noticed that she was a lot prettier up close… that natural beauty that comes with someone older. But before we could get to know her better, the ladies she was waiting for came in and we offered them our booth and left.

On the way home, I thought about what if hubby and I had been a little more flirtatious with her. Would it have led to something?

If it did, this is what I imagine…

As we sat in the booth and talked, hubby and I made very subtle suggestions and hoped she would pick up on the innuendo. She did. As the conversation continues, she scoots closer to me and soon her hand is brushing my thigh underneath the table. After another drink, she comes out and tells us she would luv to play. Hubby and I exchange excited glances and offer our home, which is only a short drive away. She gladly agrees and the three of us make our way out to the car.

There was a nervous energy in the car, but it was exciting. When we reach the house, I take her hand and plan on giving her a tour. She has other ideas and wants to know where the bedroom is so the three of us go upstairs. As soon as we get inside, she and I start kissing and caress one another’s ***. She pushes me toward the bed and stops kissing me long enough to tell hubby to sit in the chair and watch. She then turns me around and lifts my top up over my head before softly rubbing my back as her hands slide down to my waist. She unbuttons and unzips my jeans and pushes them over my hips and down my legs, helping me step out of them. I’m standing there in my bra and panties and she starts kissing my neck, shoulders, back… moving slowly down until she is kissing and licking and nibbling at my *** cheeks.

Her soft hands caress the outside of my thighs, then up the insides and lightly brush my *****. I tremble under her touch. I open my eyes to see hubby undoing his pants. She turns me around and kisses her way up my tummy to my boobs. My nipples are so hard right now. Before I lose control, I reach down and help her up. She tugs her top off to show us her beautiful breasts. She reaches around and unclasps her bra then down to unzip her skirt and let it fall. Before I can admire her body, she pushes me down on the bed onto my back. She slowly takes off my bra and thong, then takes off hers before climbing on the bed and straddling my waist. Her hands roam all over my boobs, taking one in each hand, and squeezing them before playing with my nipples. I look past her to see hubby undressing… his rock hard **** sticking out from his body. When he sits down, he starts stroking himself as he watches us.

She slides her tongue across my ****, down my tummy… I’m so nervous for what’s about to happen… then she puts her mouth on my ***** and I gasp as I experience another woman's mouth on me. I start to moan as she licks my ****. Then she spreads my legs apart and pushes her tongue as deep as she can into my *****. It isn't long before I lift up my *** as I ***… my whole body thrashing about as waves of pleasure run thru me. Then my new lover places two of her fingers inside me and pumps my ***** as fast and hard as she can bringing me to another, bigger ******. Just as I open my eyes I see her take her fingers out, coated with my ***, and place them in her own mouth, licking them clean.

OMG how I wanted her!

I move so that my face is under her legs. She slides her thong off, and I can see her dripping down the inside of her legs as she straddles me. She slowly lowers her ***** to my mouth, and she begins to gently grind her wet ***** on my face. I allow one of my hands to find her *** and hold her in place while my other hand finds my ****. Right then I feel my hubby slide his hard **** in my ***** as I continue to lick her *****. She leans back so that he can play with her breasts and nipples, and it isn’t long before I have her *******. Her cries of pleasure seem to be all hubby needed and I feel him release his hot *** inside me. It must have been the combination of the two of them plus me rubbing my **** because I *** too.

The three of us collapse in a sweaty heap. Without anyone saying a word, she and I crawl over to hubby and start licking and sucking his **** back to life. I slide up his body and nuzzle against his ear, whispering that I want to watch him **** her. My hand still on his ****, I feel him stiffen. Our friend straddles him and I guide his **** into her… it is sooo hot to see. Hubby grabs her waist and pulls her down hard onto him and she screams out in pleasure. As she begins to grind on hubby, I lean over to kiss her before moving down to lick and suck on her hard nipples. I let one of my hands glide over to her **** and I begin to finger her as she bounces on hubby’s ****. I’m so turned on that I start to play with myself with my other hand.

It isn’t long bfore she cries out and I feel her hot *** dripping on my hand and onto hubby’s balls. She collapsed onto him and knowing he needed a release, I move over and take him into my mouth. Seeing her wet ***** and tight *** inches from my face was such a turn on that I sucked hubby good and hard until he came in my mouth. It was such a large amount that some drips out of the corners of my mouth. Sitting up, she straightens up and starts kissing me… tasting hubby and licking his excess ***. We fell onto the bed and drift off to sleep.

When we wake up, she is gone. There is a note left on the nightstand thanking us with a phone number.

If only dreams come true.

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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Amazing fantasy babe ! i do like your style ! never give up on your dreams sexy !

so erotic...wild mind u got ;)

Wow - you went for it there, didn't you ?
That's the second time I've read that, and the second time it has turned me on- what an awesome post.
Thank you "R"

Love n hugs - mark xxxxx

Wow babe - awesome - Just awrsome

Wow very hot! Maybe you need to find a reason to go back there and see if it really could happen.