Maybe Someday

i have this fantasy were i meet up with a women at a bar, we chat and have a few drinks. she invites me back to her place, she keeps giving me booze. she has slipped something into my drink to drug me. i pass out. when i awake i find myself in a cold dark basement with sex slaves chained to the walls and in cages. i am naked and tied down to a rape rack, she comes in and whips me real hard leaving welts all over my naked body. now she begins to stick small acupuncture needles threw my nipples and puts my **** in a very tight **** cage, then she hooks a vacuum to my swollen **** and turns it on, now she puts a ball gag in my mouth and straps it tight around my head. she then puts a blind fold over my eyes and then walks around behind me and puts her strap-on on and ***** me hard in my *** showing me no mercy. then she strokes my **** off till i *** in her hands and she smears it all over her strap-on then walks in front of me and plunges it in my mouth forcing me to suck her big rubber ****. she does this all right in front of all the other slaves then chains me to the wall and hoses me off like some kind of animal..... just a fantasy,,but maybe one day it will happen....hell i would pay good money for treatment like that......

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

i like the whole slave idea almost like being a human pet which is what i do