My Fantasy

I would like to stand in the middle of a room blind folded and every one would just touch and kiss me all over. Spread my legs and finger me until i came.

Nell22 Nell22
8 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I’d gently feel the rounded curves of your sexy ***, grasping your luscious wet p**** from every one fingering you, moving closer to you from behind pull my zip down spreading your legs wider then thrust my rock hard p**** deep into your wet hot v*****. Holding on to your perfectly rounded breasts pulling you slightly backwards onto my p**** entering deep inside you, stroking you until you climax, for all to see.

mmmmm..... 69 you make me w** I like I like!!! Your lover is the luckiest woman alive.......

Sounds nice tooooooo!

Interesting fantasy Nell. How about a room full of naked people, lights out, slow dancing with whomever they chose. Or exploring their innermost fantasy of touching and being touched by unseen hands, lips or other available body parts. Has been done.

Why would you say that of cause not

And if they had a taste of you would it ruin the fantasy?

It doesn't matter both i guess more interesting

Sounds nice. Men, women, or both?