Im almost 21 and my sister Anna is 18. Ever since we were little we have had a special bond. We have always been super close. but recently i've been looking at her differently. her long brunette hair and smooth body has become so appealing. I must hide my feelings though
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you should let her know how you feel. it is probly mutual

It can be hard to hide them and you need to be sure she feels the same way. But I guess you've already found out how she feels, I'm sure you'll find that special lady who makes you feel the way you feel about your sister. Give it time and you'll see I''m right. :-)

Why hide your feelings

Yeah sorry I didnt read ahead

I can't believe it

Not a doctor but sounds like a phase.. Partly because you've had such a bond with her that now she's all grown up and obviously different(physically) maybe that's the attraction but you should get over it. :)