Beyond His Limits

After using my new toy to sodomise my long suffering husband, which milked him without satisfying him, then, the following weekend, trapping his erect willy under the toilet seat while I sat on it, hubby had been without an ****** for two whole weeks. To say he was desperate doesn't come close. He was climbing the walls, and begging me on his knees every day to give him some relief.

I decided that this situation gave me an opportunity to push hubby far further than he wanted to go, and, in fact, much further than I ever imagined I would push him. I was inspired by a story on EP by djonlothario, and decided to see if I could do something similar with hubby.

On Friday I told hubby that he had a very good opportunity to get a satisying ****** on Saturday night, providing he really put in a lot of effort for me, and wasn't too narrow minded. The poor sucker would have agreed to anything, so he just begged me to give him instructions, and promised to do whatever it took.

I explained that 'd invited Paul for dinner on Saturday evening, and that he had agreed to bring a friend. So, I explained that hubby had to spend Saturday, preparing a sumptuous dinner, cleaning the house, and helping me prepare for some lovely sex with Paul. Hubby vowed that he would do absolutely anything I asked, so I left it at that and told him to prepare for his Friday discipline.

He ******** naked, fetched the wooden paddle, and draped himself over my knee. I set about wallopping his bare backside with all the strength I had, and kept at him for a full twenty minutes. I really needed him to be in a totally submissive and obediant mood, for what I was planning for the very next evening.

Saturday morning, hubby was up early cleaning the house, and at 9:30am he brought my coffee, then went right back to work. I didn't let him lick me to ******, as I wanted to be horny for the evening's fun, but I did let him lick my bum for a while, then sent him back to cleaning. After my shower and breakfast, I went off to have my nails done, while hubby went to the supermarket to get all the food he needed, and later in the afternoon, when I got home with some new underwear I'd chosen for myself, I found hubby hard at work preparing dinner.

At 7pm I told hubby to get himself ready. Showered, shaved, perfumed, and naked except for his apron, he presented himself in the kitchen at 7:45 and proceeded to put the finishing touches to his masterpiece. At 8pm precisely the doorbell rang and I despatched hubby to answer it. After a moment or two, Paul strode in, looking handsome and sexy as ever, and right behind him was a rather attractive young man. He was tall, slim, quite fit looking, and very, very gay! Hubby had shot off to the kitchen, pretending he had important duties there, so I called him in and introduced him to our new friend Jamie. Hubby shook his hand, looking terrified, and as though he hoped to be swallowed by a huge hole in the next few seconds. I admonished him for not offering drinks, and he, glad to have a job to do, took drinks orders and passed them out.

I despatched hubby to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner, while I gave Jamie a little pep talk on the do's and don's of the evening. There weren't many don't, so he looked very happy. Paul explained that Jamie had been out of a relationship for some weeks, so was getting horny as hell, so, I promised Jamie that he would be well satisfied by the end of the evening.

At that point hubby came in and announced that the starters were ready to be served, All three of the diners moved to the dining room and sat at our designated places. Jamie was by the door, meaning that hubby had to stand right next to Jamie to serve anyone, and as hubby placed my starter in front of me, hubby jumped back, nearly spilling my food. Jamie had stroked his bum. I immediately gave hubby a piece of my mind, pointing out that if he mis-behaved again in front of our guests, he wouldn't get out of the cage for a month!

Hubby apologised, and didn't object when Jamie fondled his bum again.

I had done a little preparation, and slipped a viagra tablet into the whisky hubby was drinking as he finalised our dinner, and had later slipped two tablets into the bottle of red wine the two guys were drinking. The result of this mischief was that when Jamie started fondling hubby's balls as hubby served the main course and topped up the wine, hubby's trapped penis tried valiantly to get erect, causing him to groan in anguish. Jamie smiled and remarked that hubby seemed to be enjoying himself.

Later as hubby cleared the plates, I noticed that Jamie was shifting in his chair, trying to get himself comfortable, due to his straining erection. Not wanting Paul to be left out, I started to stroke his **** though his trousers, and was rewarded with a very stiff **** tenting up his clothes. He leaned over and kissed me, telling me that I was a very naughty girl, but lots of fun.

Once dinner was finished, and even hubby had snatched something to eat in the kitchen in between calls from me for service, we retreated to the lounge for cognac, poured by a very uncomfortable straight man. I told hubby to pour himself some cognac and join us. I was sitting next to Paul on one sofa, so hubby had no choice but to sit on the other, as far away from Jamie as he could get. I instructed him not to be rude, and to sit next to Jamie. Hubby was still being stand offish, so I told him to get on his knees and give Jamie a blow job. He looked horrified, but I clearly wasn't going to change my mind, or take pity on him, so he kneeled between Jamie's legs and started to undress him. Jamie really was a fine specimen of a man, with bulging muscles and a very large, very erect ****.

Hubby started to please the monster, and actually was doing quite a good job, so while we watched I let Paul undress me, and give me some attention with his tongue. Jamie came before me, but only just, giving me time to shout 'Swallow!' to hubby before going over the edge myself.

I thought we needed a bit of a break before the main event, so I told hubby to bring his hand cuffs and some lubricant. He looked as though I'd made him drink vinegar, but went anyway. Once he was cuffed I had him sit next to Jamie, I unlocked his cage and removed the tube, freeing his rampant ****. I then instucted Jamie to stroke my husband's ****, and keep it erect for a while, but he mustn't let him ***. We all relaxed and listened to Jamie's tales of conquests, of how his **** was too big for some men, so he didn't get as much real sex as he would like. Poor hubby listened to it all with a glum face, and a **** as hard and erect as a flagpole. I started  stroking Paul's **** and once he was nice and hard, I got up and pulled hubby onto his knees and bent him face forward over the sofa seat, so that his face was resting and his arse was available. I gave Jamie the lubricant and told him to have fun.

I indicated for Paul to get on his knees and **** me. I had arranged things so that I could see hubby getting ******, and also so that he couldn't avoid watching me getting ******. As the two studs started to get into their rhythm I blew hubby a kiss, and mouthed the words 'Now we're both being ****** together'.

Paul can always **** hard and fast for ages, and Jamie had already had one ******, so this wonderful scene went on for quite a while. Quite early on, hubby started crying, which really excited me, so I was the first to ***, which he, of course, watched. This caused even more crying, which excited me again, and soon Paul was reaching even his limit, and Jamie was smashing in and out of hubby as though he hadn't had sex for weeks, which he hadn't! I won't lie and claim we all came together, but it was close. First me, screaming with joy, and clawing at Paul's back, then Paul, shouting as he filled me with his copious load, then finally Jamie, who for some reason was spanking hubby's arse as he came.

We were all exhausted by this point, and hubby was still crying, so I had him sit on the sofa, and told Jamie to **** him off. I pointed out to hubby that this was his only opportunity to ***, that he had three minutes, and that if he didn't *** I would lock him up for a month. He obviously realised that this was it, and shut his eyes to try to drum up some private fantasy. Whatever he was thinking, it certainly worked and he filled Jamie's hand with seconds to spare. As instructed, Jamie kept squeezing hubby's **** to give him a really satisfying ******, then fed the *** back to my satisfied husband.

Following that our guests cleaned themselves up and left. Hubby had gone back to crying, so I cleaned his **** with a flannel, re-locked his cage on, unlocked his handcuffs and sent him to sleep in the spare room.

The next morning I woke to find hubby kneeling beside my bed. I'd no idea how long he'd been there. He begged my forgiveness for his behaviour, promised he would obey me without hesitation in future, told me how much he loved me, and so on. I told him that I would forgive him, and that we should go back to normal, which horrified him, as he assumed that I meant stop the Dom/Sub lifestyle. I explained that I now view that as our normal lifestyle, which thrilled my relieved hubby.

To reinforce our agreed reality, I told hubby that I needed to pee, and he immediately sat by the footstool and laid his head backwards onto it and opened his mouth wide. I then did something different to normal. Firstly I grabbed his handcuffs from the drawer, and locked his hands to his **** cage, which I've never done before, but I will again, as it's brilliant when he's on his back. I then climbed aboard, continuing with my plan for something different. I normally settle myself to pee with my back to his legs and torso and gaze into his submissive eyes as I fill him with pee. With his nose in front of my *****, he is able to breathe as I fill him. This time I stepped over his torso and settled myself onto his waiting mouth facing his feet. As far as the peeing is concerned it works the same either way, and I felt that I would miss the look in his eyes, but the difference for hubby must have become apparent the moment I settled all my weight on him. His nose was now buried in my arse, pressing on the entrance to my anal cavity. To have more fun I leaned back and forth a few times, until his nose actually gained entrance to my bum hole, and then I started to pee. The joy of this position was that with all my weight on his mouth, and morning pee flooding in, and his nose buried inside my ***, there was no way for hubby to breathe.

I must give him great credit, he swallowed my copious amounts of pee without any problems, but when I stopped peeing, and didn't move, or lessen my weight at all, I felt him start to panic. Unfortunately for him, I had thought ahead and with his hands locked to his crotch, there was really nothing he could do. I stayed there for a few minutes, wondering how long he could live without breathing, then I leaned forward a bit so his nose emerged from my anus and he could breathe a little. A few seconds later I leaned back again. I realised this was really turning me on so I kept at it for a good ten minutes, by which time I was horny as hell.

Wanting satisfaction now, I moved back a little and lifted myself slightly so hubby could lick my ****. It didn't take long for him to bring me to a climax, and as I came, I dropped all my weight down again, and secured his nose back in my arse and rocked back and forth on his mouth as the waves rolled through me. I was determined to finish my ******, before I let him breathe, so he was without air for the longest time so far. When I did get off him, I thought for a moment I'd killed him, but I slapped his face hard and that brought him round.

I told him that he had just had a lesson on who is in charge in our relationship. He thanked me sweetly.

The rest of the day was as normal for a Sunday. Hubby worked hard all day on the huge list of chores I'd dictated to him, and I lazed around, did some sunbathing, drank some wine, watched a movie, and continually interrupted hubby's work, getting him to pass me things which were easily withing my reach, bringing me refreshments, drinking my pee when necessary, licking me between the legs, and so on. He was the perfect slave all day.

In the early evening I called him over and asked him whether he thought he should be punished for his tantrum of the previous evening. He replied that he thought I shoukld punish him most severely, and that he would be grateful if I did, so that he could stop feeling so guilty. I ordered him to the bedroom, had him lie face down on the bed and secured him spread eagled. I took out his wide, thick leather belt, which, because of it's weight, causes the most damage. I warned hubby that I was going to hit him as hard as I could for as long as I could, and that my target was one hour. I put a towel under his face, to absorb the tears, and set about his arse with a vengeance.

In the end I only managed forty three minutes, but by that stage, his arse wasn't red, it was black and blue. I felt very satisfied with my efforts. I left hubby crying into the towel, and went downtstairs for a glass of wine and a few olives and settled down to watch a movie.

I felt very happy that I'd pushed hubby so hard and he'd stayed the course. I felt very proud of him, and very pleased with myself. 

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Your tales of you and your hubby are amazingly erotic. I love reading them. I love that you smothered him till he was unconscious. I'm so turned on by you and how you are with your hubby but you scare me a little too. Like someone else on here said, too extreme for me I think. Perhaps I just need to experience a more dominant mistress such as yourself. You're much more deliciously cruel than my ex ever was. Plz add me.

Wow, you have him totally enslaved and under your control . Wonderful story

I would love to be your husband.
I think every women should be like you.
The most important thing here is, if u don't let a man *** and deny him from having any ****** than he will be your slave for the rest of his life. so always use chastity device and keep the key with u so that u can have full control over him.
Note--- Don't let a man have ****** and enjoy the control over his life

The world needs more women like you

You are my dream wife

You would look good in my cage...

So I'm a newbie of sorts - let me get this right: is part of this, when the man is uncageg, you rig it so he doesn't get to touch himself? I write this as I touch myself, FYI.

The rule is handcuffs on (behind his back or locked to something imoveable), cage off, then, cage back on, handcuffs off.
He hasn't touched his **** since the cage arrived, and he never will.
That is quite a mind **** for a virile man such as my hubby.

I bet it is. Not touching your own ****- I probably need that to curb my ************ but I don't know how I would handle sex without grabbing my ****. Something to ponder.

So what is "milking" then? I don't think you reference it here but you do in other posts I believe.

I need to use my hands to hold my rubbery little penis inside my wife. I
Can imagine the frustration of being uncaged and not neon allowed to touch it, and not getting hard enough to get it inside my wife .

ah, how some of us like to used, oh my,

lucky man

I do love reading your stories,,, even if they are too extreme for me

This story definitely shows that you love and cherish your husband very much. I hope he is happy to be married to someone who demonstrates her love in the ways you do. I wish every wife would be as your are.

not into the lifestyle but sheesh !!

Your stories are the best and I wish my wife could bring herself to get into this lifestyle, it is so f'ing hot. I loved the way you slapped his face hard while he was handcuffed and told him that he just got a lesson on who is in charge. I love it when my wife says she is in charge, it really gets me going. Hopefully someday I will make it into cuckdom. You are the ultimate woman!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Congratulations on pushing your slave pased his limits once again. I whish you where my Mistress.
Yours obediently Sissy maid william