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I joined this group because of the experiences I have had over the past year. I wanted to explore my fantasy of having my husband have sex with another woman. We met a girl, and had a few **********. It was the most erotic experience ever. I loved watching him with her. I then began talking about him having other women on his own, without me there. The thought turned me on so much. He met a different girl on line, and got to know her through chat. He met her in person loast night. What I thought was going to be another hot experience and a turn on for me, wasn't. I was upset the whole time he was gone, wondering what he as doing, regretting letting him go. He did not have sex with her, only oral sex. I was relieved to hear that. I am wondering if these feelings are normal. I loved watching him when I was there, and it didn't bother me at all. I'm not sure why this did. I'm just looking for advice, suggestions, if anybody else has experienced this. Hope to hear from you....
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I know what you mean. I have been there. It sometime hurts but I get over it and I want to get over it because I love him and to let him sleep with someone else in intimacy is the greatest gift I can ever give him. Mu husband actually has a steady GF now. He fuc** with her approx once a week (including right now). I often have a heart in my heart when this happens but I try to think about something else. I am also allowed to sleep with other men alone (this is how I am OK with him doing so) I hope you have the same liberty.

Safety and control. When he does it in your presence, you obviously feel safer because you know exactly what he is doing and not doing. You can exercise a certain amount of control when he does it in your presence because you can encourage anything that pleases you, and you can ob<x>ject to anything that you do not like.<br />
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When he is away on his own, you seem to feel less safe, and certainly have no influence on what he is doing. I think the key thing is to talk to your hubby. Give him the chance to reassure you that he truly loves you, and most importantly, let him know how much you love him.