I Have Shared My Hubby With Another Woman

i have always loved the look of woman and the way they feel is just makes me feel sooo good. well i had the oppartunity to sleep with a woman but hadn't told my hubby that i was bi. i finally had enough as i wanted this woman so badly that i decided to take the bull by the horns and tell my hubby all about my bi experiences , much to my delight it really turned him on , so now it was time to put my plan into action. i have had this best friend for nearly 11yrs and she is very attractive curvy in all the right place the most amazing boobs i have ever seen you know the ones you just want to suck on all day long .

well one night when i had my husband all horny and hot , i decided to broach the subject of bringing another person into the mix , at first he said i am not having another guy in my bed , i just had to smile and then told him not another man but a woman . he was quiet for a while almost hear his brain ticking over , he looked at me and said that could be interesting , in my head i was screaming not interesting f***ing awesum lol. he then asked me well how we going to find another woman then ... to wich i replied we can ask abi (not her real name )  i am sure she wouldnt say no infact i was possitive she wouldnt.

i told my hubby to leave it all up to me and i would arrange everything , it must have really turned him on as he ******* me senseless that night. so over the next two weeks i was on a mission to suss my best buddy out and see if she was game. i would bring up bi fantasies into our conversations telling her about all my hot sessions i had with other girls and answering all her questions she asked. she didnt seem to sure on the girl on girl thing but i could see she was starting to show a little interest in the way she would ask questions and want to know all the details. so one night i decided to take her to this gay club i knew to show her all those pretty girls out there , my intention was to get her little bit tipsy and just see where it would lead. we sat in a little booth away from the busiest part but enough for her to see what was going on, her eyes were like saucers taking it all in, after her second drink she seemed to be losening up abit so i decided to start stroking her hand just to see what response i would get, she looked at me and smiled next i knew she was rubbing my hand too. so decided to go a bit futher and put my hand on her thigh , she didnt seem to mind , i slowly moved it higher a bit at a time , as i got to the top of her thigh i felt her legs part so took that as a sign to explore a little more.  she looked at me and smiled again by this time i was getting very turned on and could feel myself getting very wet. my hand slid between her legs and i could feel her wetness on her knickers i gently caressed her slit through her wet knickers and just kept looking into her eyes , she opened even wider , so i slid my hands inside and she was dripping wet my had slid over her **** with ease i slid my fingers up and down just touching her **** now and  then i could here her gasping every time i touched it , i took it a little futher and let my finger slide deep into her with that she shuddered. knowing she wanted more i kept her going but not bring her to ****** as i wanted to keep her horny till my hubby picked us up to take us home.

finally it was time to go, we were outside the club , i could see abi was really horny she was panting away with little breaths and just kept looking at me and wanting to touch me but kept saying not yet. finally my hubby pulled up we got in he asked the usual had we had a good time i replied been great abi just giggled. so i said to abi are you ready to go home or would you like to spend the night at ours , i already knew what she was going to say but i had to hear it from her mouth. and as i predicted she wanted to come back to ours , so home we went, on the way home i put my hand on my hubbies leg and rubbed it up and down till i inched my way to where his **** was and started to stroke it , he whipped his head round at me and made that look of there someone in the car with us , i just shrugged and winked mouthed its ok trust me. by the time we arrrived home he was so hard , he was to embarrased to get out the car lol.i got  all the kids to sleepover at other peoples houses so was just the three of us there, we got inside i made us all a drink and we sat and chatted , i then went to sit next to abi asked her if she was alright and she smiled widely yeah . i then put my hand on her leg like i did in the club and felt her judder under my hand , she looked at my hubby as if to see if it was ok and he didnt seem to bothered . i whispered in her ear are you ready to have your first ********* .... she just nodded he head while biting her lip. i looked over at my hubby you ready for a horny ********* he looked stunned but said he was game if we all were.

so i slowly pulled abi  on the couch and pulled her dripping wet knickers off , pulled her closer to my face and told her to relax . she smelt so good just wanted to drink it all in , i circled her **** with my finger it was pretty and pink full and inviting , she moaned a little , i took my fingers and let them slide inside so warm and wet , as i thrust them in and out abi would let out little gasps of pleasure i looked over at my hubby who was sat there totally transfixed stroking his **** , the thought of him getting off on me pleasuring abi made me really horny. i spread abi's legs a little wider so my hubby could see , i then lowered my mouth onto her wet succulent ***** and and teased her **** with the edge of my tounge she writhed and moaned , sliding my fingers into her i fingered her hard and fast i could feel her ****** building and with one shudder she exploded her juices flowed in to my mouth she tasted so good .  i jestured for my hubby to come over and to kiss abi to wich he did , i removed his trousers and started to suck his **** till it was rock hard , i then told abi to bend over the couch , and got my hubby to ram her wet ***** with his **** , i had never heard abi scream boy she sure was one lol.  after my hubby had shot his load we all went up to the bedroom , i lay abi down and started to kiss her wanted to keep her horny , my hubby was rubbing my wet ***** and it felt really good but i so wanted abi to be the one to make me *** , so i stopped him and told him to play with abi's *****  while i kissed her. then just whe i knew she was ready for the second ****** i put her fingers on my ***** and showed her how to stroke it , the feeling was out of this world nothing like soft female fingers on your ****, my hubby by now was even hornier than ever he kissed abi's boobs with such lust . i finally built up the courage to ask abi to go down on me , thinking she might say no , but to my absolute delight she put her head between my legs and started to eat me like a pro , didnt take long till i totally exploded in abi's mouth the jubilation i felt having a woman eat me was just so mind blowing . the three of us just ******* all night long taking it in turns to please one another was the best night ever , i took abi home the next morning and asked her if she had any regrets ... she looked at me and said when can we do it agian, i smiled kissed her goodbye and went home . my hubby was in the kitchen when i got back , he grabbed me when i got in and said you are the most amazing woman ever , thank you for making a fantasy a reality. our sex life has never been better we are trying new things all the time wich keeps it fresh and alive , abi has been over a few times keeps the fires burning lol. well thats our experience and i hope there are many more to explore.

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wow - one of the best stories i have read for a while - thank you

this is amzingly horny story ,,, no doubt you have had a wonderful sex you three,, a senseive ladies like you describe could make me as hard as belly tree ,,, keep the stories up sweet lady