I'm Bad At Stealing Things

not only from shops (which I only tried once), but from stealing my classmate's things. I'm a good person by heart, so I don't do it often, as long as I can buy it myself I don't steal it. But one time I saw a really cool looking case for my iPhone. So I held it in my jacket and no one noticed. In fact the store was half empty (it was like a thrifty store so there were no beeping sound if you ran out with something. So after I looked at some other things I tried running out with the case. Well I did run out, but I realized that my elbow wasn't on my jacket anymore. So I looked back and saw the case on the floor. That's about why I never tried doing it again, because I was lucky that no one saw me. I forget stuff easily, so that's another reason because I would forget how my plan works. And when I'm in school and tried to jack someone's things, I usually feel bad and give it back to them without them noticing if possible. Anyone else do this?
ViolentVine ViolentVine
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2011