I Know Its Bad

 But sometimes i can't help it. Whenever i have had a really bad day(or week) recently i just get this ovewheling urge.

I think its way that i take a little bit of power back into my life. i have little rules that i have set for myself to justify it.

1. Big corporations are fine  ex.walmart

2. Never struggling businesses

3. Never if the people who work at est. are nice to me

4. No small businesses

5. If overpriced then fine

6. if with certain people then never

7. never anything of great value (over $7)


there are more sill justifications that i make. i usually don't even keep the things i take. i give them away.

i want to stop

Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 12, 2008

You sound just like I did a few years ago. Walmart was one of my personal favorites because I thought "what the hell, they won't miss it." I never got caught but I felt like sh*t EVERY single time I did it. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. God stepped in and now the thought of stealing appauls me. It is possible to stop. Now if I could only kick this married man habit. :) We all have our struggles.

I know! I really don't want to get in trouble lol<br />
I feel like talking about it helps me realize how it is such a bad idea and discourages me some.