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Eventually I got caught for it and it didn't go well. It was at K-Mart, and it was embarrassing, costly, and got me in a heap of trouble. There were misdemeanor charges, as I expected, but what shocked me - maybe it shouldn't have that much- was receiving a fine from them. They were demanding restitution of $200, and while what I did was wrong, that was over kill, as the price of the items was nowhere near that much, and seemed vindictive. I didn't pay it, and a while later got another letter demanding $450. It was already excessive and more than I could pay the first time around, and this is even more ridiculous. Out of principle, I don't want to pay it. Also, from not having the money. I'm worried that they may pursue the matter further and demand more, as the letter suggests that they can and probably will do. They threaten higher fines and eventually a potential civil suit. I need to find a way out of this, and also wonder if anyone here has had a similar situation and what may happen if I don't pay.
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it happened to me @ K mart too, eventually the last fine was $1000 :(

hi. did the cops give you the charge when you where stopped. or did u receive the misdemeanor charge later.

I think they gave it to me on the spot, I was given an order to appear in court and told it was for a misdemeanor.

ok. I ask because I got caught stealing less than 20 dollarsart Wal-Mart. they didn't call the cops. I was just ask to return the things I took. then made a copy of my I.d. they also said I'll be receiving a fine in the mail if I didn't pay if have a warrant for my arrest. then gave me a paper andthe lp guy said if I couldn't pay I should call the number on the paper. I was let go in les than 5 minutes. I'm scared I might get charged

I was told by K-Mart LP that there's a dollar limit of stolen stuff over which they call the cops, you probably didn't reach the one at Walmart,assuming they have a similar policy. It's possible that that fine is just gonna be a civil type fine from Walmart,like a sort of restitution, sort of like the one I got from K mart,which has nothing to do with the criminal legal issues. And it's possible they won't charge you, more likely if they didn't call the cops. My friend was with me, and the cops didn't charge her, but she also got a fine.

ok thanks. hopefully I won't. I'll pay the fine. but I heard even though I pay it I could still be charged. the lp didn't say anything about being charged but maybe they do it anyway

have you gone to your court date

Yeah, I went to it, it was a very fast process. I got offered pre trial diversion or to take it to trial, I chose PTD. It was just a class and a fine, it all goes off the record except the arrest. I doubt they'd go through the effort of trying to charge you,the fine benefits them more, though they could do both but probably wouldn't bother. If your state offers PTD, it's a safer option.

did u hire a lawyer. I don't have money for one. how did u get those options did u plead guilty our not. I'm posting they don't. I haven't told my parents and won't only if I get charged. how much was the fine. sorry for all the questions, thanks for the fast response :)

how much did u steal from there. if I may ask.

I didn't hire a lawyer, that was sort of like an arraignment, but with that presented option. For choosing PTD, there was no guilty plea, it 's like a no conviction. The fine was $300. I tried to take about $40.

oh ok so you just went to the court. on the day. and they presented you with that opt-in without admitting guilt first

yeah, i would've only had to plead guilty or not if i had gone to trial. But with that PTD, there's not really an option, it's just like a dismissal.

ok thanks :) when you received the letters for the civil fine did u have to sign for then our brought by someone. or the mail man just left them at your mailbox

It was just left in the mail

Ok because in my case. They just told me I had to pay a fine but no cops where involved. But I'm really worried cuz I heard they can still charge me

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