i used to work at meijers and i found out i could very easily take things. when i was in high school, i lost my drivers license so i would have my bookbag with me at work and it made the clepto life extremely easy. i would take anything i could get my hands on. i never got caught, thank god. i don't steal from stores anymore, i have a record and i honestly i'm too scared of losing everything now. but i will say, i'm still a clepto. i steal from my current job all the time...kinda. we accept donations and i can't keep my hands off the good stuff. we're allowed to take with in reason, but i don't think they would like it too well if they knew i take garbage bags full of stuff on a regular basis! it's truly an addiction. sometimes, i just wander around the shelter and look for something to take. i don't know why, i have everything i need, and can get pretty much anything i want, but i still can't seem to keep my hands to myself.

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

It seems easy but everyone gets caught sooner or later. Take it from me, I'm a loss prevention officer. If you do get caught, be as respectful as possible for you'll be arrested if you aren't (versus paying back).