No More Long Hair

I just got back from the hair dressers and i feel great !!

i have long hair but i told the hair dresser to cut it all of! you should have saw the hair dressers face !

she was like all of it ?

i was like yep

now its just above my shoulders, it was to my belly




erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
6 Responses Feb 19, 2009

hey aaangie, <br />
yeah still have short hair but i haven't cut it since, i seem to have a stall in hair growth and i blame it on being prego. its grown maybe 2 cm at most <br />
at least i am saving money by not seeing the hairdressers <br />

its been a few months now, are you used to short hair and wonder how you ever found the time to fix it up before?!!

thanks so much affectioncraver, i forget to do stuff for me, always putting everyone ahead of myself. <br />
its nice doing someting for me :)

Erin~ Kudos for doing something for yourself! That's important. ((Hugs))!!

oh yeah<br />
i can not beleive i did it <br />
i just need a change and my long hair was just not healthy anymore. <br />
i'll grow it back but i needed to feel beautiful

Thats quite a change! I bet it will be easier to take care of now.