Not By Choice, This Time!

I usually love to have my hair cut... short and spiky and dyed "cherry-cola", which is a smokey red color. But it cost $70 at the salon... and most times it is $80, as I need an "relaxer" treatment too. My hair does get really curly and tangled... it's unmanageable. So the treatment is often needed, unless I do the home-kit one.

So, instead of spending my money to go to the salon, I've been doing the home-kit relaxer, to keep my hair straight and manageable. My hair was pretty long, it reached a little past my shoulders, thick and beautiful. But these home-kits are basically harsh chemicals.... each time I use them, there is a risk of hair loss... But, I was thinking on how cheap they are, only $20.... So, recently, it finally happened... I had a kit mishap! :-o

My hair is now short, the chemicals basically broke off all the hair on my sides, leaving what looks like a buzz-cut, on each side! And all of my pretty long hair just fell off, in the back. I look like a fool! XD

But, lucky for me, my hair grows back quickly! It will be back to is normal length, soon enough. For now, I walk around wearing the bear-hat from my friend, Momo! Whew! It's a life-saver! Only... on webcam today (Saturday), my best pal Philip wouldn't leave me alone! He kept begging me to take off the hat! I kept shrieking, "NO!" At one time, Sharon yelled "Leave Dani alone!" But he just kept insisting! He was starting to get frustrated, trying to wear a hat too, and kept threatening to not read my EP stories... sulking! So, finally I said, "FINE! I'll show you!" XD

I look terrible! And here is an lesson... cheap is not always the best. =p

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

ouch!hope it comes back!what went wroung?