I Have Short Term Memory Loss

I know there are many things one can do to improve memory... There are physical and mental exercises, there's dietary changes, supplements, staying away from drugs, and there are memory tricks for remembering names or other things. Still, memory loss is a hard thing to live with, and it's difficult to create the discipline and truly commit to all these lifestyle changes. For me, it's specially difficult. I have epilepsy... it begins in the same part of the brain that handles memory and emotions. The seizures themselves create amnesia, and the concussions from all the falls make it so much worse. On top of that, the medication I have to take to "control" my condition (barely) causes memory loss as one of it's side-effects, along with depression. I have a hard time remember people I've met, names of people I haven't spoken to in a while, and forget a lot of things I've done or events I've been to with friends... which always leads to the awkward conversations ending in, "you really don't remember?," "No".
31-35, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

I suffered brain trauma resulting in post traumatic epilepsy, short term memory, extra sensitive to light. Long term memory not affected that happened before brain trauma. For me to remember have to repeat(like talking) over and over again to impress on long term memory to register, but it cannot happen when meeting new people, as it's brief and once only.

my teenage son recently acquired short term memory loss from ab abi brain injury. He suffered a seizure and loss of oxygen to his brain.
He has problems remembering things that happened minutes before. He has been in recovery for almost 2 months. He has shown improvement but not nearly enough to return to normal everyday living.
Can i ask what kind of memory loss you suffer? Was your short term ever affected to the point you couldnt remember things from minute to minute?
This is all new to me and i struggle to get information to help my son. I never knew about stml with seizures until now.
Do or have you ever tried omega3 or other supplements?
I am desperate for information.