Ok I have three sisters... one is 12 years older than I am and (sadly) our legal guardian... then I do have a twin, from whom almost no one can tell me apart... even or older sister has trouble sometimes^^

and the baby of the Family is my three years old sister...

I fight with the older one on a dayli baisis... with my twin I allmost ever get along perfectle, even thought we couldn't be mor diffrent about likes and dislikes...

and the lil one... yeah lets just say she can get on my nerves but I wouldn't want to be in anyones shoues who tries to bother her...
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wate so witch one of you is the guardian sounds like your saying your older sister is your guardian or you saying your the guardian of them? if you happen to be the one under the guardianship and your saying your siser or guardian is driving you nuts can ask for new guardian lol and if your the guardian must be a lot like being a parent lol

i would not know what to say but yes wards can be a handful lol god knows i would be still lol if i was one still lol like parents say thares good says as the guardian and bad days as well lol in your case it just the fun part of guardianship lol like parents we all have days we wish to drop them at the courts and run but love them to much to do so lol good luck from one ex ward to ypu we may be the bigest pains in your but but thare love is still thare for you in the end lol hang in thare lol

sorry to tell you but I don't understand what you mean xD