Sjogren's And Acupuncture

It took a year (end of May 2010) to finally get a diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome (my blood test showed no markers) based on the plethora of symptoms I presented; severe dry mouth, dry throat and cough, various forms of stomach problems (reflux, diarrhrea etc.). Since then I have developed dry eyes and joint pain with muscle spasms (all over my body). The Rheumalogist who gave the diagnosis gave me prescriptions to stimulate saliva flow and Restasis for the eyes. The saliva meds made me drool all night, horrible much worse than the dry mouth; the Restasis is $245.00 but it works very well. The worst thing through all of this is the attitude of the medical community especially when the specialists I saw couldn't come up with what was ailing me. Their attitude would turn defensive with a couple of them eluding to it possilby being in my head; one ENT doctor said "just drink more water".  The doctor who made the diagnosis and according to him treats many women with Sjogren's suggested that I "learn to live with it"! OUTRAGEOUS!! So I set out to find quality of life and found it with ACUPUNCTURE! I am working closely with my acupuncturist who has treated dry mouth syndrome and has researched Sjogren's and I have been having very good results, having many symptom free days; it has not been an easy road to travel and I have another month of almost daily sessions, but the results are clear and once we've gotten the Sjogren's under control I will probably have a monthly session for the rest of my life! Once I'm feeling normal again once a month for the rest of a symptom free life sounds FANTASTIC!
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I would like to congratulate you. I have found doctors to be like that...lack of empathy. I too suffer from similar symptoms as you but my test results have shown nothing significant. I was told to drink more water and put eye drops in my dry eyes. Gastro specialists prescribe me PPIs which don't really help. You're lucky to have an acupunturist who helps.

Look on Troy Community Acupuncture. com I have been going to Eric and the pain from Sjogrens is easing up and I have only had 3 sessions..I plan on doing at least 9 more and then go back as needed monthly..Carol

Any recommendations for an acupuncturist who works with Sjogrens in NY area?

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I'm an acupunturist and one of my patients is diagnosed with Sjogren's Disease. She came to me for help with hot flashes and all over joint pain. I see her once a week. Her hot flashes are now zero to minimal, her blood pressure has normalized, and . . . zero joint pain. She feels great and is back to exercising. So please, if you can, see an acupuncturist. If you do not get results with acupuncture, find another acupuncturist.<br />

I told my radiologist (for mammogram) that I had SS and he told me there are so many other things one can have that are far worst than SS. He said to not let SS keep you from living your life. I can understand if and when SS is disabilitating. Alice

Hi, I am jothi from Malaysia. I was diagnosed having SS on 30 sept 2010,I am confused as to what to do. I read about your experience using acupuncture and wish to know more about it. Please advise.Thank you.