Gotta Love Sjogs

I am a 20 years old and its my third year in college. About 10 months ago at 19, I was diagnosed with Sjogrens. Along with Sjog's I was also diagnosed with Streptococcus of the blood, Pancreatic Enzyme Disorder, IGA disorder, Hypothyroidism, Acute Iron Deficient Anemia,  Rheumy, Connective Tissue disease, Carpal Tunnel, and Scoliosis. The reason I went to the doctor in the first place was because I was experiencing "brain fog" (i couldnt remember anything) and had constant headaches. Considering I have had 2 brain surgeries already, I went straight to my neuro and got MRIs. Well everything in my brain looked ok, but when he did my blood tests his face just dropped. Basically it was amazing that I was even walking considering my iron count was 8, when a normal is 150. Then my ANA count was ridiculously off. So I was immediately taken to the hospital for more testing, where I found all of this fun stuff. I still do my best to stay active in school, and I am in a sorority. The symptoms frequently keep me from walking so I have to have special circumstances for class. I dont get dryness as much as I get pain in my joints, chest cavity, and hands and feet. My memory is very poor though, I blank out often and dont remember conversations. I take alot of medicine, about 30 pills a day. They help, but obviously dont stop anything. Im young, and it sucks to be diagnosed with so much, so early. Hopefully I'll learn to cope, but as of now, it just seems to be getting worse. Keeping optimism high, and occupying the time I have with positive people that know nothing about my condition. I recommend it for all:)
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I'm 24 and recently got diagnosed with sjogrens, I find it strange because its so common in older women but finding someone around my age makes me feel a tad better. Do you have any renal problems with sjogrens? I'm the small amount of the population that has this problem also. Also are you taking immunosuppressants for the SS? I started cellcept but I'm looking around for other options.

stay positive! it sounds like you're being pretty optimistic right now, and that's a great thing. i can't believe you are handling all those health problems and college too. i'm dealing with my own version of health problems, college, and work too, but i haven't been as happy. i'm really anxious and i really, really hope that i will never get depressed (clinically) again. i'm just trying to stay sane and happy for all that my life's worth. thanks for sharing your story. :) you're inspiring me already.