I Have Sjogrens, Lost All Hope

I'm 17 and after 4 years of being ill I was finally diagnosed this year, certain medicines didn't work. I am just completely exhausted that it hurts to talk, and am in constant pain. I feel like i'm only living a half life, reading is my favourite thing but i'm to tired to even do that! It would just be good to know other people are in the same boat to talk to. My friends and family are great, but I guess can't fully understand!
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

Is it weird to comment 2 years after its posted, haha i guess I'm goona anyways. I can totally relate! I was recently diagnosed with sjogrens. I'm 18 and really needed to find someone young who has the same experience. Thanks for sharing yr story, I hope you are doing ok with the pain. We are in the same boat here!

you are not alone

i'm 19 and i've had symptoms of sjogren's for 6 years. i understand what you mean by "living half a life." i used that exact phrase to describe my life right now. summer has begun and for an entire week i can stay home and just close my eyes (my eyes and skin are the worst) and rest. it's all i can do really. headaches aren't so great. and then there's the insomnia, especially from thinking about my health problems (outside of sjogren's, i have other diseases as well). i fear when my conditions get worse and then i can't perform well in school or work in the future. i just want to live normally and be happy but i get anxious about it all. sometimes i think i should lower my ambitious goals in life so that i could accommodate my health. i just went on the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation website and it's helpful if u have it. i strongly encourage you to use it, and to tell your doctor about it because it's so informational. ;) if u ever want someone to talk to about your Sjogren's syndrome and health, feel free to message me. :)

Hi, My name is Julie and I too have Sjogren's Syndrome. Wanna talk? I will be happy to share my insights to get more comfortable though sometimes nothing seems to work.