Am I Alone?

A few years back, I started getting dry mouth and dry eyes. Then I had reflux issues. I went to see a rheumatologist and a gastro specialist. The rheumatologist tested me for Sjogren's Syndrome and Thyroid but results were inconclusive. They showed that I was normal. My gastro specialist said I didn't have reflux on my barium test but found I had H. pylori which he then successfully treated. However, the reflux came back and now I am suffering Laryngeal Reflux as well...I get phlegm in my throat in the mornings which I have to wake up (often in the middle of the night) and cough up. I was prescribed PPIs in a visit to the gastro just a few months back. But it didn't help very much. At about the same time, I also visited another rheumatologist in private practice who prescribed me Plaquenil as my second test results showed C4 (everything else was ok) slightly elevated...which is like up by )
+0.01. I asked my bro-in-law who is a rheumatologist in USA. (I don't live in the US) about it. I scanned the results and sent him and he said I don't have Sjogren's and I should just hydrate myself often when I feel dry.

Currently, I have been experimenting with Chinese TCM herbs and supplements to find out if I can reduce the symptoms of dryness and reflux - my two main issues. GNC's TCM Liver Detox seems to help me with my digestion a little bit. I also used a wedge pillow for my reflux but it's not very useful. I am trying to get my mom-in-law to send me some remedies for reflux. It's been three years since I started feeling all these symptoms and yet no docs have been able to treat me.

Sep 6, 2012