Sporting A Smile!

On a cold morning while waiting at the school bus stop, I had trouble making fists. I told my Mom when I got home. Of course she thought it was rediculous. I was 14.

At 19 years old, I saw a Doctor because I had a lot of random pain in my knees and hips. He said "you are young, go live your life and be happy". Obviously I was a hypochondriac.

Dr. Greg Scribbner asked if there was a history of mental illness in my family when I told him of my pains when I was 26 years old.

Finally a wonderful NP took the time to do a few tests when I was 33, but could not find anything.

During a visit with my doctor about my shoulder dropping during haircuts (I am a Barber), he ran blood tests including Sjogren's Syndrome. This was after he asked me if I just wanted to go home and think about it. I said "what? I took time off of work to come here, paid my co-pay, annd my job is my livelihood, I cannot have this happening!" I finally had an answer! I was not crazy!

That joy did not last long. With a referal to Dr. Bonefede, a Rheumatologist, I was tested for vitamin D, B and a urinanalasis. He treated me as though I was drug seeking even though I told him during each visit that I did not want cortisone shots or narcotic pain medications. He tested me for fibromyalgia and put the cardboard on my eyes. They were dry. No moisture. He wanted me to keep coming back athough he wanted to do nothing for me. I stopped going.

Three years later, I got a new primary care physician. She did another blood test because my previouse test results could not be found. This test did not show Sjogren's Syndrome. Still, she sent me to a new Rheumatologist. He did not believe that I had it, so he sent me to get a lip biopsy. That Doctor also wanted to know if I really wanted to go through with the test. It would be painful. He read what my Rheumatologist wrote about my alleged illness. It was very dissappointing. I said "I took time off of work, I need to have conformation, please...for the love of G-d, do the test!"
It came out positve.

This leads me to today, a year later. I now have a Endocrinologist added to the mix. I have had a hysterectomy and I take the generic form of Plaquenil. That has been such an improvement! I have learned that nightshades make my arthritis much much worse and I am wondering about glutens or wheat allergies. Also salt is a serious issue. MSG is the worst, then table talt. Kosher mineral or pink hymalayan are great. Celtic Sea salt is the best! Processed foods are also not good.

Although I am an extreamly energetic person, today I am fighting fatigue and increased weight gain. Stress is very prominent and does terrible things to my arthritis. I have had one treatment of accupncture, and I plan to continue. It makes me feel so much better.
bluejeanjenn bluejeanjenn
41-45, F
Sep 11, 2012