Is My Diagnosis Correct?

Hi. I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has had joint and back pain as the primary compaint vs. dry eye and dry mouth symptoms.....I saw my ortho for low back pain for years until all my joints started hurting and I developed tendonitis in my arms, knees and hips. My doc ran blood tests and come up with Sjogrens Syndrome.....I have always had a dry mouth so I never thought twice about that symptom. I have dry eyes sometimes but my symptoms are not severe except for my joints and overfeel feeling of crap. Could my docs diagnosis be wrong?
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Yes I have pain as my main symptom. The dry mouth somewhat (have a lot of dental problems because of SS). It has a lot of different manifestations. Everyone is different. Try going on a grain free gluten free diet. It's hard and takes discipline but it just might help

My cousin has a very severe case of scleroderma, which is very debilitating.

I've been able to help her a lot by using high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and changing her diet .

However, her primary cause of being sick stems from daily stressful situation at home, which she has not resolved. In fact, she constantly repeats that she can not be healthy, living this way. The result - her condition is worsening with each day - she is convincing herself to get sicker.

On the other hand, when she is not under stress, she feels much better. For example, her hands get a normal color from being blue.

Doctors can not help her anymore.

In fact, medications, with all the side effects, have done extensive damage to her body. So this is not a solution.

I do sympathize with her, but I also get frustrated with all the negativity she has towards everyone. And there is never solution in her mind, no matter what I suggest.

I have been on the bottom myself, and not once, but I never gave up and used only holistic treatments to restore the body and mind.

I have the Joint and back pain with SS. I got a CT scan of my spine and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis.. Which coincides with SS. Check it out.

Hi - I too have joint pain, back pain and some tingling and numbness throughout my body and have been told my rheumatologist that these are all issues that can be caused by sjogrens. Know you are not alone.

No you aren't wrong. I have Sjorgrens too and my joint pains are more of an issue than the dry eyes/mouth/nose. My fingers and wrists are the worst, but I also have back pain.
I also feel tired a lot of the time and have to pace myself.

I was diagnosed because of pain and tingling in my hands and feet and then a blood test for Ana level, which showed positive. I don't have a huge problem with the dryness, although it seems to come and go. My primary symptoms are all over body aches like the flu and extreme fatigue. I've always had back problems, two surgeries, so I don't really attribute any symptoms there to the Sjogrens, I could be wrong though. My other symptoms include " brain fog", which after doing some research they say is when your brain is also experiencing some of the same inflammation as your body. The one thing I've found with this disease, is that while we all seem to have at least a few symptoms in common, everyone has a different level and combination of symptoms that seem to be unique to them. I do agree with a lot of sufferers though, that stress can really trigger episodes of becoming totally dysfunctional for days and even sometimes weeks at a time. The problem is, when you know you have so much to do and you have to deal with other problems that come up in a normal life that it is easy to get stressed, which makes things even worse! This disease is truly a test of how to prioritize of what's really important in life and not to stress the small stuff. Good luck to you, and realize that you are not alone.

Yes, stress is where it began too.
I've been reading all the posts, but very few people turned to holistic medicine.
This is what I totally believe in and have had good results with. If you're interested in this information, I will be more than happy to help and share all the info I know with all of you.

Hi paytonsmom!

You do appear to have Sjogren's syndrome based on your story. You can find more information on this forum thread shared by patients who have it.

The good news is that Sjogren's can be managed! Join the support group and learn more. Signing up is a breeze and the people there are just warm!