Don't Wipe Much

Because I don't wipe I usually have a brown stain up the crack line of my pants from crotch to near the waistband - tapers as it gets higher. Often dribble steadily as well if I need toso they tend to be yellow as well. Love to sniff tem and wear for about three or four days. Briefs or boxer briefs mostly - nearly all in white soft cotton. MY Dad and older brother always had big skids as well so it runs in the family. Find it really horny when I see other guys with well browned undies.
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6 Responses May 16, 2012

I don't own any underwear, but all of my jeans are always thickly skidded inside and show a bit of brown outside. I never wipe no matter how dirty.

Hope you guys are trolls because really, thats just nasty.

That's so hot how all of you men have unwiped ***** and you all congratulate each other. How long do you guys go without showering? Nothing hotter than days-old poop stink in tighty whites!!

Nothing beats that soft, squishy feeling. And I agree, nothing turns me on more than the sight and smell of heavily browned tighty whities! I'd snort on all your laundry! :-P

We live in relatively tight quarters and sometimes the older boys and myself walk around our house (doublewide trailer) in just our briefs either in the morning or at night, were a house full of guys with the exception of my wife so its not a big deal. Anyways allot of the times when I stain all the way thru my briefs, when I walk around my kids can see my brown stains, and as they get older they too are browning thru and we point out and hi five each other when we stain thru. I wear tight Wranglers and so do they and we show each others when we skid our briefs all the way thru and get a little brown on the insides of our jeans. My wife doesn't say much about the state of the underwear in our house, only that she wishes we'd put down a towel when we sit on the furniture so we don't transfer brown from the backside of our briefs to our second hand furniture. My oldest son who is in a committed sexual relationship with his girlfriend said she doesn't mind his briefs and butt crack being dirty, cause she has seen her brothers briefs and they are skidded real bad too, so she thinks its normal for guys. I told my boy, hold onto that girl...LOL.<br />
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I don't know for sure but I think all guys who get skid marks and smear their briefs brown at some point in our early teens unconsciously decide that were either going to be clean or dirty. I know I started skidding real bad when I was around 14 or so.

yeah, we used to compare who got the worst stains.

I quit wiping yearws ago. I read that the average pereson in the US uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. At $1.00 a roll thats a nice savings. Not wiping also frees you to take a dump in lots of nice places.

I always make sure to not wipe well, then grind my butt into my briefs, so I get skids that are about 4-6 inches long by about 2 to 3 inches wide; or about the whole seat of my size small FOTL briefs are permanently stained brown. Im a proud dad, cause my teenage son has started really browning his briefs bad too. In fact a couple months ago he showed me a pair of his dirty and said "almost as brown as yours".